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In the latest HME Business Podcast episode, Retail-only mobility and HME provider Wayne Slavitt of Mobül: The Mobility Store shares some strategic insights into how providers can become cash sales success stories.


Wayne Slavitt in his showroom at his retail-only provider business, Mobül: The Mobility Store.

Many providers are working to improve their retail "game," but some newer providers that completely committed to retail are writing the rules. Wayne Slavitt, founder and CEO of Mobül: The Mobility Store, started out as a retail-only provider in 2013, and he took some time to share some retail strategies and insights in the latest edition of the HME Business Podcast.

In episode 20, Slavitt discusses why providers need to create a compelling combination of service-oriented sales; how providing a product mix that appeals to all walks of consumers ensures sales; and the importance of fostering a store culture and sales approach that emphasizes interaction and compassion. For a guy who entered the HME market completely fresh, Slavitt's out-of-the-box approach has helped define how providers should approach retail HME.

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In the previous episode, Kim Brummett, the vice president of regulatory affairs for the American Association for Homecare, sheds some light on a proposed rule by HHS to loosen the regulatory prohibitions against physician self-referrals when it comes to DME. Brummett talks about what this could mean for providers and how the industry is approaching the issue. While the situation is still coming it to focus, it is already concerning.

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