ACHC To Offer Mail Order Pharmacy Accreditation

As part of commission’s continued roll-out of new services, new program addresses demand for mail order pharmacies.

In response to a growing trend in the pharmacy industry, the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) will launch an accreditation service for mail order pharmacies.

The accrediting organization aims to offer a cost-effective way for pharmacies and providers seeking to understand the standards that are relevant for mail order pharmacies, the company noted in an announcement today.

"This accreditation will allow a pharmacy to demonstrate to their customers, insurance providers, and regulatory agencies that they have quality systems in place to accurately and safely deliver medications to patients," Jon Pritchett, ACHC’s program director, said.

To earn the accreditation, organizations must address specific standards concerning pharmacy licensure, patient records and communication, organizational oversight, shipping methodology, patient and employee safety, prescription intake and review, and ongoing quality improvement.

The program has already earned recognition from OptumRx, a pharmacy care services company, as an approved accreditor for mail order pharmacy services.

"Our accreditation also is important for pharmacies seeking to meet the requirements of payers as they continue to pursue network contracts," Pritchett added.

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