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Now in the sixth year of hosting the annual HMEB New Products Award competition, our panel of provider judges has landed on some HME products and services that truly deserve some time in the spotlight.

HMEB New Product Award 2019Year after year, the HME industry’s manufacturers turn out top-quality medical products that constantly raise the bar in terms of innovation, features and care benefits. Similarly, the service providers in the industry are constantly upping their game to offer services that will help providers run more efficient businesses and rapidly respond to patient and referral partner needs.

And each year, HME Business magazine and a panel of volunteer judges from the HME provider community have the difficult task of trying to select the best of those top-tier products and business services from the flood of entries we get from the industry’s service providers and product vendors. It’s an onerous task to be sure.

But it’s an important one: Home medical equipment doesn’t just help patients live with a medical condition, it helps them live beyond that medical condition. It can improve outcomes, can improve patients’ quality of life and, if it is a stand-out example, raises their expectations of what HME should be.

And from the providers’ side of the equation, top-tier HME offerings help them run better businesses and provide the kind of care that will make a demonstrable positive improvement in their patients’ lives. Such equipment not only helps improve care, but raises the provider’s profile among its referral partners.

That’s why we created the HME Business New Products of The Year. We wanted to recognize outstanding offerings across a broad range of product categories that include not only HME offerings, but also services and offerings that providers can use to run their business.

And, now in its sixth edition, the New Products of The Year continues to reflect the best of the great products and services this industry has to offer. This year’s competition produced 14 winning products were selected across 13 categories. The categories were:

Business Services
Business Technology – Complete HME Management Solutions
Business Technology – Specialized Solutions
Incontinence & Urology Supplies
Mobility – Power & Manual Wheelchairs
Respiratory – In-Home Equipment
Respiratory – Portable Equipment Retail
Seating and Positioning
Sleep – Resupply Items & Related Sleep Products
Sleep – Therapy Systems
Women’s Health Products
Wound Care

To judge the entries, a panel of anonymous HME providers across a variety of disciplines scored the entries. This year saw incredible support from the providers who shared their greatly appreciated expertise and experience with the program.

Without our panel of provider judges, this program wouldn’t have nearly the weight it does. It’d be one thing if the staff of HME Business or a group of third-party experts from the industry judged the entries, but this awards program seeks to go right to the HME professionals that will be using these products — the providers themselves — and ask them to review and score the entries. Simply put, their opinion matters the most.

The resulting winners represent a compelling array of products across a wide variety of categories. The year’s competition was particularly hot in the retail category, as well as the oxygen, sleep and software categories. It’s worth noting that in those super-competitive categories, the margin of victory was exceedingly narrow and the temptation to offer “silver” and “bronze” awards to the other products was hard to resist. However, that’s not what this awards program is about. We already know the products and services in this industry are great; our goal is to recognize the absolute top winner for each category.

So, bearing all that in mind, let’s take a look at the 2019 New Product of the Year Award winners and see how they help HME providers be the best of the best:




The Compliance Team 25 YearsDMEPOS and pharmacy providers alike have an opportunity in the area of diabetes management. The shift to quality payment makes it imperative for providers to increase their offerings to their patients and offer services to differentiate themselves or be left behind. One of the additional services a provider can provide to Medicare beneficiaries is diabetes self-management training (DSMT).

Both DMEPOS and pharmacy providers are eligible and given that the next round of competitive bidding removes the national mail-order restriction, more providers can step up to the plate and specialize in diabetes. That said, in order to bill for these services, a provider must be accredited by a CMS recognized agency.

So, the Compliance Team released this program as an add-on service for diabetic patients that providers serve in their community as a DME provider or pharmacy. This is a great opportunity for providers that are already a Medicare enrolled supplier and can add on these services to offer their patients. Furthermore, DMEPOS suppliers can be reimbursed for this training if they meet the accreditation standards.




Brightree Business Management SoftwareFor more than 15 years, Brightree’s Business Management Software has aimed to provide a comprehensive solution for management of a home medical equipment business.

The suite of services includes modules that streamline processes to improve profitability, while supporting high-quality patient care. HME billing, accounts receivable and inventory management make up the foundation of this cloud-based software solution, while an ePrescribe module allows for seamless information transfer between care providers; ReSupply and Mobile Delivery modules streamline ordering and delivery processes; the Patient Hub app focuses on increasing patient-provider communication; and Advanced Analytics and Revenue Cycle Management contribute to greater administrative efficiencies and business growth.

Brightree revamped its solution this year with a new, modern home page and features including easy-to-use Menus, a Search function, a Favorites section and push notifications connected to Brightree’s Patient Hub app. Together, these features have contributed to more modern, intuitive and streamlined navigation that ultimately improves workflows and makes it easier for HMEs to run profitable and efficient businesses.

The main menu re-design incorporates all reports and system set-up in one central location, while the Search function allows users to easily locate the pages they’re looking for with a single click. The new Favorites page allows users or administrators to set up commonly viewed or accessed pages to a single screen that is always accessible. This feature not only makes it easier for users to organize their days, but makes it easier to train new employees, as all top pages and functions are easily accessible in one central location. New push notifications send information and work straight to individuals from the Patient Hub app so users can immediately see the tasks required of them, rather than having to dig into separate work lists. These user interface and functionality updates help HME users streamline their businesses even further and take greater control of their day-to-day operations.




Patient HubBrightree’s recently-released Patient Hub is the first-ever patient app for the HME and pharmacy markets, and is a tool for connecting patients and their providers. Patient Hub was specifically designed for fluid communication between patients and providers, eliminating the need for multiple web portals and consolidating all patient interactions into one secure platform so that patients and providers can focus more on the conversations that matter.

The Patient Hub app aims to automate the more tedious aspects of the patient experience: patients can upload insurance cards directly to the Brightree patient management database, update insurance information as necessary, and even initiate and complete tasks themselves, like updating account information and reordering supplies. Patients can access the equipment and supplies they need as soon as they need it, empowering them to take greater responsibility of their care. The app also automates appointment reminders and shipping notifications and enables remote troubleshooting, eliminating wasted time for both providers and patients.

By streamlining these processes, providers have more time to pay attention to the conversations that matter. When a sleep apnea patient has an urgent question about their broken CPAP machine, for instance, he/she is able to ask that question via the messaging platform of the app, even attaching a photo of the issue, and get a reply as soon as the provider gets the notification. For the patient, this could mean the difference between a full night sleep and another fitful night, or even terminating their therapy altogether.

With the Patient Hub app, patients can spend less time on the phone with their doctor or provider – less
time as a patient – and more time living their lives, while their HME provider benefits from improved efficiency and potentially greater revenues.




D FreeIn the United States, 25 million adult Americans suffer from some form of urinary incontinence, according to statistics from the National Association for Incontinence.

But with the solutions being either diapers and pads or more serious solutions, such as surgery, implants, electrical stimulation and medications, it’s no wonder many patients stay mum. But what if there were a solution that could help them monitor and manage their condition.

Enter the DFree, the first wearable device that focuses on the urge management side of incontinence. Standing for “diaper free,” DFree is a device that acts as a sort of early warning system that employs ultrasound and Bluetooth to help patients realize that their bladder might need emptying. DFree monitors how much urine is in a user’s bladder with a non-invasive ultrasound sensor and notifies users when it’s time to go to the bathroom via a companion app on the user’s smartphone or tablet.

DFree is a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for people managing urinary incontinence. With DFree, adults, children and disabled people with bladder control issues have freedom to live an active lifestyle with peace of mind from accidents.




Encore Mobility WheelchairDeveloping its long-term care seating expertise for nearly four decades, Broda crafted its Encore Mobility Wheelchair specifically for seniors and their caregivers. This truly unique hybrid mobility and positioning wheelchair creates peace of mind for caregivers and families. Loved ones maintain their quality of life and independence with Broda. Moreover, providers, can rest assured that the product comes with the reliability that Broda is known for in long-term and complex care.

The Encore’s ergonomically adjustable low floor-to-seat height and front-mounted mag wheels allow for easy propulsion via hands or feet, increasing mobility and confidence. (To learn more about the chair’s seating and positioning capabilities skip to the Seating and Positioning awards category.)

The Encore’s durable steel frame with anti-tippers backed by an industry-leading ten-year warranty creates a stable base for smooth maneuvering and safe transfers. Additional configurations and HCPCS compliant options help supplement the robust adaptability of the Encore for almost any situation in long-term or complex care.




Innospire GoThis is the first of three products our judges awarded in this year’s competition. Philips’ smallest and lightest portable hand-held nebulizer system designed to deliver medication in just four minutes, The Inno-Spire Go reduces treatment time by up to 25 percent. The easy-to-use and virtually silent device puts hospital-grade nebulizer technology into the hands of the user for portable, fast and effective medication delivery.

The InnoSpire Go transforms needed medication into ultra-fine droplets, so that they can penetrate even the smallest structures of the lungs effectively. With a built-in, rechargeable battery that provides up to 30 treatments per charge, and simple two-part assembly, the InnoSpire Go can be used at home or on the go.

The clinically proven vibrating mesh technology inside InnoSpire Go, turns liquid medication into a fine mist, for fast treatment in four minutes with less wasted medication and no replaceable batteries. Philips InnoSpire Go can be used with commonly prescribed drugs for respiratory disease. Aerosol performance is maintained over the life of the product and is delivered with audible and visible indicators that signal therapy completion. The easily detachable mouthpiece makes the InnoSpire Go easy to clean and maintain. Each InnoSpire Go includes the Lite Touch mask for optimal comfort.


This year, we had a tie between the Inogen One G5 from Inogen, Inc. and the OxyGo NEXT portable oxygen concentrator from OxyGo



Inogen One G5At 4.7 pounds and six flow settings, Inogen says its Inogen One G5 is the most balanced portable oxygen concentrator the company has ever created to meet the needs of oxygen therapy patients and HME providers.

For use at home, away, and for travel, the One G5 offers the highest oxygen output per pound of weight of any POC currently in the U.S. homecare market, the company says. With 1,260 ml of oxygen production capacity and Inogen’s standard Intelligent Delivery Technology, the Inogen One G5 was designed to meet the clinical needs of 95 percent of patients that express an interest in Inogen’s products for long-term oxygen therapy.

Other features include a battery life of up to 13 hours with the optional double battery; access to Inogen Connect’s Bluetooth app; a large LCD screen with easy-to read simple controls; and a quiet, 38 dBA operation.



OxyGoNextAiming to be one of the most powerful, lightest and quietest portable oxygen concentrators available today, the OxyGo NEXT offers the highest oxygen output per pound of weight of any portable oxygen concentrator currently on the market at only 4.7 pounds, with six flow settings and up to 13 hours of battery life.

Created to meet the needs of oxygen therapy patients and HME providers, the OxyGo Next was designed for use at home, away, and for travel. OxyGo NEXT has user-replaceable batteries and sieve beds, and offers an easy-to-read LCD display with simple controls. Also, it can be charged at home or on the go.

OxyGo NEXT also allows providers to improve patient outcomes through a new wireless connectivity platform using Bluetooth technology. The platform includes a provider dashboard and mobile application for patient use through mobile devices. The My OxyGo Provider Dashboard works with the My OxyGo App to provide real-time monitoring that will aid in troubleshooting, concentrator health checks, preventative maintenance and geo-locating of patient’s POCs. Both providers and patients are able to check battery life, column life, oxygen purity and more with the touch of a button.




EZ Fold-N-Go RollatorThe compact, foldable EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator from Stander keeps users mobile, independent, and stylish. The unique, patented design allows the EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator to fold up to a 13-inch diameter. This makes it ideal for traveling, going to the store, eating at a restaurant, or just maneuvering those tight spaces around the house.

Despite the lightweight aircraft aluminum frame, the EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator can support up to 250 pounds. This gives users the confidence they need to live their lives safely at home or on the go. The rollator’s full locking brake system comes with reversible brake pads. And, to add to the EZ Fold-N-Go’s appeal, it comes in three color options.




Encore Mobility WheelchairYes, you’re reading this correctly, Broda’s Encore Mobility Wheelchair won two awards. This second award is for its seating and positioning capabilities, some of which are highly unique and compelling. As previously mentioned, this is specifically designed for seniors and their caregivers, and the chair’s proprietary Comfort Tension Seating and an infinitely adjustable tilt-in-space system, provides clinical comfort and patient safety, preventing falls and pressure injuries.

The front pivot tilt design creates proper foot on floor placement for efficient movement. This also allows for continuous line of sight in tilted positions, facilitating engagement with caregivers and surroundings and improving quality-of-life. The caregiver-activated and adjustable dynamic rocking feature provides contentment, which has been proven by studies to reduce depression, anxiety, and a reduction in pain medication specifically for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients.




Dreamwear Headgear with armsThis marks the second in Philip’s awards this year. Since launching its DreamWear CPAP mask system, Philips has sold over 15 million masks and interchangeable cushions. The company continues to build on DreamWear’s user-centric design with the goal of improving the sleep experience and therapy adherence, and this July, it introduced updated DreamWear Headgear with Arms for its DreamWear Nasal and Gel Pillows masks.

The new, three-piece design places the headgear further down on the head and adds arm pieces around the mask to further improve stability during use. Patients using the updated headgear stated it is even more stable and comfortable, highlighting that the mask stays in place during use and that they were more satisfied with their quality of sleep.




Dreamstation Go with HumidifierLast in Philips trifecta is the DreamStation Go with Humidifier. Sleep therapy patients need therapy they can take on the road with them, and that means they put a premium on size. In that regard, the DreamStation Go with Humidifier is the thinnest CPAP heated humidifier among leading brands, and can be used with tap or bottled water for added convenience when distilled water is not available. Featuring the same humidification modes as DreamStation and the freedom to use any CPAP mask, the Go humidifier is a “no compromise” sleep therapy solution for travelers looking for added comfort while on the go.

Humidification is the latest update to DreamStation Go, which is designed to simplify travel for patients living with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It features a built-in power supply that helps to limit the number of components to pack as well as Philips’ innovative 12mm microflexible tubing, minimizing bulk while improving mobility and comfort. DreamStation Go meets FAA standards for in-flight use, so users can keep up with therapy even when taking an extended or red-eye flight.




Andrea Shirt Compression VestCompression is a key offering when it comes to women’s health needs, and the Andrea Shirt offers a compelling solution when it comes to lymphedema and edema. The Andrea Shirt is a ready-to-wear, comfortable and effective compression garment for relief from swelling caused by those condition by providing compression for areas, such as underarm, breast/chest, abdomen, back and hips.

Set-in sleeves provide additional coverage for patients’ shoulders and upper arms, and sewn-in axillary pads provide additional pressure for problem underarm area. The sewn-in pads are especially convenient for sleeping, since there are no additional fasteners to hold pads in place and thus no need to worry about keeping the pads in place. These replace the use of individual chip pads. If patients don’t want pads they can opt to get pads on only one side, or they can opt to have no pads at all.




McKesson Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Care SolutionMcKesson Puracyn Plus wound and skincare solution streamlines the process of caring for minor wounds and sores at home. The over-the-counter formula uses the Puracyn Plus technology at a strength appropriate to effectively clean minor cuts, scrapes, sores and abrasions and prepare them to heal.

Puracyn Plus technology uses an advanced, super-oxygenated, pH-balanced hypochlorous solution to help set the stage for optimal healing conditions. This presents an alternative to commercial wound care products that are not biocompatible and may prolong the healing process. The product is intended for over-the-counter use in the management of minor skin wounds, including minor lacerations, abrasions, irritations, cuts, burns, and intact skin, in addition to moistening and lubricating absorbent wound dressings.

Puracyn Plus is non-toxic and non-irritating, and won’t harm healthy tissue. It contains no antibiotics or steroids and doesn’t contain alcohol or iodine. IT is environmentally friendly, no special disposal is required, and it is not made with natural rubber latex.

This article originally appeared in the Nov/Dec 2019 issue of HME Business.

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