CBIC Announces Key Round 2021 Dates

CBIC updates bidders on when Notice of Preliminary Bid Evaluation, Notice of Covered Document Review Findings and Required Action and Notice to Substantiate Your Bid(s) will be available, and what their deadlines are.

The Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor (CBIC) recently reminded Round 2021 bidders about three upcoming sets of significant dates and deadlines regarding their bids.

They are:


Date Available 
in Connexion

Deadline to Respond

Notice to Substantiate
Your Bid(s)



Notice of Covered
Document Review
Findings and Required



Notice of Preliminary
Bid Evaluation



Bidders must upload their responses to Connexion by their corresponding deadlines. The CBIC stated it won’t accept other methods of communication. 

In the reminder, CBIC stated that it will notify all bidders about the Notice of Preliminary Bid Evaluation, but it will only send the Notice of Covered Document Review Findings and Required Action to bidders that submitted a required financial document by the covered document review date. Also, it will only send a Notice to Substantiate Your Bid(s)  to bidders that it asks to verify their bid amounts. 

CBIC added that bidders will be receiving notifications on their bid evaluation via the email that is recorded in the CMS Enterprise Portal, so it is important that bidders maintain that email address in the Portal.

For further help and information, check out CBIC’s Round 2021 FAQ, call (877) 577-5331 between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., or use one of the other methods listed on CBIC’s contact page.

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