HHS OIG Adds PAP Supplies to Its Workplan — Again

Sleep equipment providers risk facing costly six-year lookback audits in this new addition to OIG's workplan. How should they prepare?

Just in time for the Halloween season,the HHS OIG has announced some positively chilling audit news: it has once again expanded its audit workplan to include PAP supplies.

HMEB readers might recall that HHS OIG did this once before in June 2018 after reporting that it had made overpayments of almost $631.3 million at that time. Now HHS is at it again, and PAP providers risk having their claims subjected to six-year lookback audits if their claims don't pass muster.

In episode 016 of the HME Business Podcast, audit expert Wayne van Halem, president and founder of audit consulting firm The van Halem Group (a division of VGM), explains how serious a threat this poses for providers of PAP supplies, and outlines what sleep providers need to know and what they should be doing right now.

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In the previous episode, Richard Radford, managing director of BPR Medical Gas Control, joined the podcast to discuss a new study his company produced that examines the incidence of home oxygen fires in the United States and how to mitigate the risk of them. The data is startling: every four days a home oxygen patient dies in a home oxygen-related fire, which his much higher than previously thought. Fortunately, there are solutions, which Radford explores.

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