Managing the Managed Care Opportunity

Legal expert Jeff Baird discusses managed care on latest HMEB podcast episode; podcast also examines how providers can better manage their equipment ‘fleets.’

Medicare and Medicaid managed care represents a key business opportunity and an upcoming educational event can help them properly navigate these arrangements, according to the latest episode of the HME Business Podcast, which also delves into a service that helps providers manage their “fleet” of equipment.

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In episode 013, Jeffrey Baird, Esq., chairman of the Health Care Group at industry law firm Brown & Fortunato, P.C., discusses the opportunity to serve Medicare and Medicaid managed care plans, and why providers want to take care in shaping those relationships. Moreover, he discusses his upcoming Sept. 5 webinar, Managing the Managed Care Opportunity, which shows providers how to negotiate managed care contracts. Then, Jim Worrell, chief commercial officer at Quality Biomedical, discusses the complicated challenge faced by providers when it comes to managing their “fleet” of equipment and how the Q-Connect equipment management platform can help them.

In the previous episode, Dr. David White, chief medical officer of Philips Sleep & Respiratory Care, discusses how and why positional sleep apnea deserves increased and specialized attention from sleep therapy providers. Roughly 30 to 40 percent of apnea patients have the condition, and they can have twice as many apneas and hypopneas when they’re on their back. Then, Dr. White discusses a new device that aims to help those patients manage the condition, which could open up all-new care opportunities and the chance to drive increased revenues for sleep providers. 

The HMEB Podcast examines important HME news, trends and developments, and regularly interviews industry experts to find out how HME provider owners and operators can run efficient, profitable and growing businesses while providing service and care that cements lasting patient and referral relationships.

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