Video: A Look Inside Retail-Only HME

Retail HME pioneer Wayne Slavitt offers a tour of his store, Mobül, in Long Beach, Calif., which emphasizes customer interaction.

Back when HME providers were making tentative steps into retail sales, Wayne Slavitt decided to go all-in with his retail-only mobility and home medical equipment store Mobül: The Mobility Store in Long Beach, Calif.

Since then, as founder and CEO, Slavitt has continued to sharpen his retail sales game, and he’s crafted a compelling combination of service-oriented sales; a product mix that appeals to all walks of consumers; and a store that emphasizes interaction.

A key focal point of the store is a four-room “home” that Slavitt has built inside his retail location that features a garage, living room, bathroom and a bedroom to showcase various retail HME items in real-life settings. The purpose of the display is to get customers to interact with various HME items and see how those products can fit into their lives.

“You might wonder, why would we build a house inside of a store?” he says. “The main reason is that we want to give customers a chance to see what it might look like in their home and also to try out products.

“It also lets them do what’s really important to us in retail, and that is to imagine,” he continues. “To imagine having a nice, adjustable bed; imagine having a lift chair in your living room; imagine a scooter being parked in your garage. When we start to use ‘imagine,’ then the customer can envision it in their own house, and that gets them closer to making a decision.”

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and Slavitt says his store experiences low return rates thanks to that focus on customer-product interaction and orientation.

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