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A key to driving revenue and providing value for patients and referral partners is to supply cutting-edge products.

There are three prevailing factors that govern the sleep therapy market: it continues to grow, reimbursement continues to get tighter, and patients are looking for product solutions that are tailored to meet their lifestyle and comfort desires. Bearing that in mind, if providers want to keep driving revenue and providing value for patients and their referral partners, they must supply their patients with the most cutting-edge products.

When it comes to the fundamentals of sleep business success, embracing technology is of the utmost importance. The industry has become more connected and data-driven as a reflection of the world as a whole. Patients are more inclined to use a product if they can use a smart phone app to track their nightly data and manage their care. Moreover, they want smaller, more portable solutions.

Moreover, providers need to drive additional revenue through not only smart resupply programs, but also through retail sales. There are a variety of items — sleep equipment cleaners and CPAP pillows, for example — that can extend sleep providers’ revenues without having to involve public or private payer insurance.

And, as always, comfort remains critical to success in both therapy and business. Patients that need assistance in breathing while sleeping will go with the provider that has a selection of devices and re-supply items that will help them rest peacefully and without fuss. Stocking products that ensure a sound, comfortable night’s rest creates customer relationships that will last a lifetime.

As you work to grow your sleep business, here are some of the latest products to consider:

New take on over-the-nose CPAP mask


  • The first over-the-nose nasal CPAP mask designed with a top-of-the-head tube to help sleep apnea patients sleep more comfortably.
  • Instead of sitting in front of the face, the tube sits atop the head and connects to an over-the-nose nasal mask.
  • The mask frame carries the air from the top of the head to the nose.

Philips Respironics
(844) 240-1649

Minimal-contact CPAP increases comfort, decreases noise

AirFit F30AirFit F30

  • The latest in ResMed’s AirFit mask portfolio is a minimal-contact full-face CPAP mask.
  • Cushion sits below the nose, preventing top-of-nose contact and reducing feelings of claustrophobia.
  • Fits 93 percent of users and features the QuietAir vent to stay quieter than ambient bedroom noise.

(800) 424-0737

CPAP emphasizes ease of use

Sleep Style CPAPSleep Style CPAP machine

  • Comes with the American Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation for simple design.
  • Bluetooth and SleepStyle App let users access their sleep data and track their therapy progress online.
  • Auto-adjusting algorithms detect when users wake and reduce pressure to a more comfortable level.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
(800) 792-3912

Portable PAP cleaner sanitizes masks on the go

Sleep 8Sleep 8

  • A portable CPAP and BiPAP sanitizer that handles a full-face mask and heated and non-heated tubing.
  • Uses a waterless, activated oxygen system to kill 99 percent of germs, according to its maker.
  • The device can be powered via a wall outlet or built-in rechargeable battery, and can be used while it charges.

Sleep 8 Inc.
(888) 549-9799

Product aims to redefine sleep masks

DreamPort Sleep SolutionDreamPort

  • An adhesive nasal mask that does not need headgear, resulting in a light and one-size-fits-all fit.
  • One box of 32 of single-use, disposable adhesives will last half a month.
  • DreamPort connects to a all CPAP machines with the included connecting tube.

Bleep LLC
(833) 392-5337

CPAP sanitizer uses ozone technology

Purify O3 SanitizerPurify O3 Sanitizer

  • Portable CPAP and BiPAP sanitizer that utilizes ozone technology to disinfect masks, tubing or humidification chambers.
  • The quiet sanitation cycle takes 35 minutes and kills 99.99 percent of bacteria and germs, according to the maker.
  • A compact and lightweight design, as well as its rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, makes the device travel-friendly.

Responsive Respiratory Inc.
(866) 333-4030

This article originally appeared in the June 2019 issue of HME Business.

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