Oklahoma Providers Push for Sales Tax Exemption

OMEPA members, other HME businesses, and VGM visit state capitol to educate lawmakers on legislation that would make DME purchases exempt from state sales tax.

This week, a contingent of Oklahoma home medical equipment stakeholders visited the state capitol in Oklahoma City to garner state lawmaker support for legislation that would exempt HME from sales tax.

Oklahoma is one of just a few states that charge sales tax on transactions of HME. Members of the Oklahoma Medical Equipment Providers Association (OMEPA) members, as well as other Oklahoma HME providers and Jay Kopriva of VGM Group, met with state lawmakers on Feb. 5 to urge them to support H.B. 1407, a state bill that would secure that sale tax exemption.

“OMEPA had an extremely successful day at the state capitol building with our OMEPA Tax Bill Rally,” said OMEPA President, Larry Dalton of Advanced Care Medical Equipment. “We had approximately 15 OMEPA members who supported the rally and spent the day meeting with various representatives on the House Bill 1407. Victor Clay, Kelly Metz, and Larry Dalton met with our state representative, Justin Humphrey, who is the champion of H.B. 1407, and the four of us proceeded to spend the next four hours following Rep. Humphrey from office to office campaigning for the support of H.B. 1407.”

That effort paid off, according to VGM’s Kopriva.

“We received overwhelming support for the bill,” he said. “All involved should be commended for their time, both behind the scenes and at the capitol. OMEPA welcomes any member to join them in this continued effort for DME sales tax exemption. VGM is proud to be a part of OMEPA’s efforts.”

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David Kopf is the Publisher and Executive Editor of HME Business and DME Pharmacy magazines. Follow him on Twitter at @postacutenews.


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