AAHomecare Re-engages with Lawmakers in New Congress

As the new Congress sets its committees of jurisdiction, HME association sets stage for advancing industry’s agenda on Capitol Hill.

With the 116th Congress well in place with its committees finalized assignments, the American Association for Homecare has been engaging with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and staffers on House and Senate committees with jurisdiction over Medicare and healthcare.

“Our discussions with these Members of Congress and staff have shown that there is still significant interest in working on further reforms and improvements for the bidding program, addressing outdated budget neutrality provisions affecting oxygen rates in rural areas, and ensuring that access to CRT and ventilators is not diminished for the vulnerable patient groups who depend on these products,” a statement from the association read.

AAHomecare underscored that the outreach providers and industry advocates and stakeholders did during the 115th Congress notched solid co-sponsorship for bid reforms and CRT legislation, as well as regulatory relief from CMS, HHS and OMB.

“Without this engagement from Capitol Hill, it’s possible that we may never have seen the relief and reforms achieved in the IFR, the ESRD/HME Final Rule, and a policy change permanently exempting Group 3 CRT accessories from the bidding program,” AAHomecare noted in its statement. “The suppliers, manufacturers and other industry stakeholders will need to build on these efforts in the 116th Congress to bring home more relief and reforms — and move us closer to a sustainable business environment for HME.”

Because the three committees that oversee Medicare and healthcare legislation have finalized their assignments, AAHomecare called on providers to examine the association’s committee of jurisdiction rosters and start building relationships.

“If you are represented by any of the members of the Senate Finance Committee, House Energy & Commerce Committee, or House Ways & Means Committees, we especially urge you to make a commitment to engage these legislators on our advocacy priorities this year,” AAHoemcare’s statement read.

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