Bonafide Launches New Facility Portal Functionality

The new portal gives providers the ability to sell directly to healthcare facilities.

HME software company Bonafide Management Systems (Thousand Oaks, Calif.) has launched a facility portal functionality to its management systems, which lets HME providers sell to healthcare facilities via an online shopping portal.

The Facility Portal lets nurses and other healthcare workers create patient profiles, place rental and sale orders, suggest patient-specific items based on a clinical algorithm, and schedule delivery, service and pickup, which ultimately eliminates the need for facilities-based healthcare staff to call DME providers. That web-based front end is linked to a provider’s billing operations, inventory and delivery systems.

“The portal eliminates the need for nurses to call our office and engage in a lengthy order process, so efficiency and accuracy improved overnight. It’s been truly transformative for our business,” explained Joe Sacco, senior chief executive officer at Central Medical Supply. “Having the necessary documentation at our fingertips has made our people significantly more productive. We are able to expand our customer base without having to add office staff.”

In addition to streamlining the lengthy order process for nurses and DME providers, the portal also reduces documentation errors by ensuring that invoices are sent automatically and that they are accurate and backed up by digital time stamps.

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