U.S. Rehab, Vendors Benefit Children’s Charity at Heartland

VGM’s U.S. Rehab worked with chair makers to donate mobility equipment to children.

During last week’s annual Heartland Conference in Waterloo, Iowa, the U.S. Rehab division of VGM Group joined Rifton, Golden Technologies and OBI to donate mobility equipment to six children and their families who reside near the VGM headquarters. 

This year’s donations included four adaptive tricycles from Rifton, a Golden Technologies scooter, and a robotic feeding device from Obi. Last year Rifton Equipment was the only manufacturer to participate in the giveaways. This year, however, Golden Technologies and Obi joined the collaboration. 

“We’re excited to have expanded the number of manufactures that have given to support families in our community,” said Greg Packer, president of U.S. Rehab. “This type of community involvement to help children be more independent in daily life is exactly what VGM and our partners are all about.”  

VGM’s charity partner Variety — the Children’s Charity of Iowa handled the recipient selection process. The six children, ranging from ages five to 12, have varying disabilities and needs that prevent them from living independently. Each of these devices will give the children more independence and freedom in their daily lives.  

"Adaptive bikes offer real therapeutic benefit and enhanced independence for children," explains Joe Keiderling, executive vice president for Rifton Equipment. And now with the increased number of manufacturers, U.S. Rehab and its partners can expand the selection of mobility devices they can donate in order to better meet the diverse needs of children with disabilities. 

“Mobility comes in different forms for each of our Variety kids,” JJ Trotta, Eastern Iowa director for Variety explains. “Variety is thrilled to be awarding its first ever scooter in addition to the specialized bikes. This equipment will provide a level of freedom and independence these kids might not otherwise experience.”

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Leila McNeill is a former associate editor for HME Business and Mobility Management.

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