3B Medical Acquires World's Smallest Oxygen Concentrator

Purchase of R&D company includes intellectual property and regulatory approvals for three-pound POC.

Sleep therapy and oxygen equipment maker 3B Medical has acquired VBOX, a Minnesota research and development company that holds an array of intellectual property, including the design and regulatory approval for what it bills as the world's smallest and lightest oxygen concentrator.

VBOX won FDA approval for the Trooper, a tiny POC, in 2012. The device features a seven-hour battery life and pulse dose with 1 to 5 LPM with a form factor small enough to fit in a waist pack.

"The Trooper is a major technological breakthrough for medical oxygen therapy, and we are thrilled to bring this device to our patients," said William Still, VBOX CEO at the time, in a prepared statement. "For many medical conditions that require oxygen therapy, exercise and movement is key to maintaining lung function, so a truly wearable oxygen therapy solution will make a significant difference in the quality of life for these individuals."

The acquisition gives 3B Medical licensing rights to 14 U.S. patents, six pending U.S. patents, eight foreign patents and the design and regulatory approvals for the Trooper.

"The agreement provides 3B Medical with a very quick ramp to market for the most technologically advanced wearable oxygen concentrator in the world. We are really excited by being able to finalize this deal because it positions 3B Medical as a global leader in the portable oxygen concentrator product space.” said Alex Lucio, CEO of 3B Medical, in a prepared statement.

For more information about 3B Medical, visit 3bproducts.com.

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