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HMEB New Product Award 2017: Simply the Best

The winners of the 2017 HME Business New Product of the Year Awards embody qualities that

the best productsToday’s HME providers and HME end users expect a lot — the best, in fact. And there’s good reason for that. Home medical equipment doesn’t just help patients live with a medical condition, it helps them live beyond that medical condition. It improves their quality of life and, if it is a stand-out example, raises their expectations of what HME should be.

And from the providers’ side of the equation, top-tier HME offerings help them run better businesses and provide the kind of care that will make a demonstrable positive improvement in their patients’ lives. Such equipment not only helps improve care, but raises the provider’s profile among its referral partners.

That’s why we created the HME Business New Products of The Year. We wanted to recognize outstanding offerings across a broad range of product categories that include not only HME offerings, but also services and offerings that providers can user to run their business.

And, now in its fourth edition, the New Products of The Year continues to heat up. This year we received multiple entries that generated 11 winners across 11 categories:

  • Beds & Support Surfaces
  • Business Services
  • Business Technology - Complete HME Management Solutions
  • Business Technology – Specialized Solutions
  • Home Access
  • Mobility – Power & Manual Wheelchairs
  • Mobility – Scooters
  • Respiratory – In-Home Equipment
  • Seating and Positioning
  • Sleep – Resupply Items & Related Sleep Products
  • Sleep – Therapy Systems

But talking about the intent of the award program is only half the story. The process is equally important. It’d be one thing if the staff of HME Business or a group of third-party experts from the industry judged the entries, but this awards program seeks to go right to the professionals that will be using these products: the providers themselves.

To judge the entries, a panel of anonymous HME providers across a variety of disciplines volunteered scored the entries. This year saw incredible support from the providers who shared their greatly appreciated expertise and experience with the program. They have our gratitude.

The resulting winners represent a compelling array of products across a wide variety of categories. The year’s competition was particularly hot in the software and in the sleep categories, where the margin of victory was narrow and reflected the continued innovation in those categories. Also, a solid turnout in the mobility products categories showed that despite all the difficulties in funding for that category, that manufacturers continue striving to meet and exceed provider and patient demands.

So, bearing all that in mind, let’s take a look at the 2017 New Product of the Year Award winners and see how they help HME providers be simply the best:

Gold Medal Performers

Beds & Support Surfaces

Compass Health,Compass Health, Ultra-Care Perimeter Plus

Getting on and off therapeutic support surfaces can be difficult. Compass Health’s Ultra-Care Perimeter Plus is a combination mattress system that focuses on not only the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers but easier patient transfers. The Ultra-Care Perimeter Plus provides both alternating pressure and low air loss surrounded by a high-density foam perimeter. The mattress features a 5” alternating pressure ventilated upper surface combined with an integrated 3” foam base to provide 8” of therapeutic support with bottom-out protection in the event of a power failure. So, how does it help with transfers? To help patients get on and off the mattress, the mattress is ringed by a high-density foam perimeter that gives more support as the patient sits on the edge of the support surface. Another handy feature are the Perimeter Plus’ “quick disconnect” cells that allow for easy cell replacement, which also can allow for any region of the best to be deflated and without affecting alternating benefits.

Business Services

The Compliance Team,The Compliance Team, Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home Accreditation program

Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home is the latest addition to the suite of Exemplary Provider accreditation programs The Compliance Team offers to both HME providers and pharmacies. The service works under the belief that better patient medication management starts with better coordination between a patient’s pharmacy and prescribing professionals. “This accreditation designation is an opportunity to show just how far pharmacists can go in augmenting patient care,” says Sandra Canally, the founder and president of The Compliance Team. “And from a business perspective, getting referrals to pharmacies that are going to actually communicate back to the practice through collaborative agreements.” This better addresses what type of medication care management an individual patient needs, which in turns stimulates script growth for the pharmacy.

Business Technology - Complete HME Management Solutions

Mediware Information SystemsMediware Information Systems, CareTend Business Intelligence Custom BI

CareTend HME software is an all-in-one software application that manages all HME business operations from intake to delivery, workflow to reporting, billing to documentation, point of sale, and everything in between. CareTend’s business intelligence custom reporting tools now allow providers using the system to customize all reports, dashboards, data cubes, and exception reports themselves. They can create specific dashboards and content for each department of their business, so each department has metrics to track their progress and their goals. All of this data can also be auto-scheduled so it can work without the need for a staff member to send a report each time to the CEO for example. Instead of canned reports with predefined fields, these custom reporting technologies let providers extract their data from the system and manipulate it and share it in any way they need.

Business Technology – Specialized Solutions

BrightreeBrightree LLC, GetPaidHME Mobile Pay App

By turning any mobile device into an instant payment tool, the Brightree GetPaidHME allows home medical equipment (HME) providers and their delivery technicians, hospital liaisons, respiratory therapists or sales staff to instantly process patient payments with their smartphone or tablet anywhere in real time. Available for iOS and Android devices, GetPaid enables the user to scan a sales order directly from the delivery ticket. The patient listing is then added to the delivery queue. Once the payment is processed, the app automatically posts payments back into the Brightree billing system eliminating manual entry. Sales order data, including recipient information and the amount of money due, is automatically integrated into the app, eliminating the need for paper invoices. This means that providers, other healthcare professionals and patients have instant access to their data without having to have handwritten signoffs or deliveries or even keeping track of all that paperwork.

Home Access

RedispanRedispan LLC, Redispan Ramp in a Box

Anyone who’s ever installed a home access ramp will tell you it’s not easy. While the initial calculations can be done on paper, no two installs are alike, and there is always some custom tweaking required. Also, the assembly of the ramps can be difficult, involving lots of small parts, and having to flip heavy ramp sections in order to build them. The Ramp in a Box tries to make both assembly and handling the unexpected a little easier. Ramp in a Box tax a modular approach with decking slats that slide into rails, interlock into place, and then are bolted down to the side rail, rather than tack welded. This means fewer parts, easier delivery, and custom installs since the side rails (and thusly the ramp) can be modified in the field.

Mobility – Power & Manual Wheelchairs

Quantum RehabQuantum Rehab, Q6 Edge 2.0 with 12” iLevel

Quantum continues its iLevel success with the Q6 Edge 2.0 with 12” iLevel, which enables the power chair to drive up to 3.5 mph while fully elevated at 12”, improving daily functionality and quality of life. iLevel’s 12” of lift allows most users to now elevate to 5’6”-5’8” without increasing the seat-to-floor height from 10” iLevel. Extra Stability Technology mechanically stabilizes the power base when elevated for enhanced safety. The increased lift height adds accessibility when participating in daily life activities and boosts environmental access. In addition, iLevel now comes with standard LED fender lights to enhance visibility.

Mobility – Scooters

Pride Mobility ProductsPride Mobility Products, Raptor Three-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Scooters are about getting out and maintaining quality of life, and Pride’s
Raptor does it with style. The three-wheel mobility scooter can go up to 14 mph and features a sleek but solid design for enhanced stability. A hand brake with regenerative braking system ensures a safe and gradual slowdown when the throttle is released. The user-friendly tiller offers an easy-to-read LCD console to monitor estimated speed, mileage and battery display. A rear lockable storage compartment with seat support rod provides a safe place for users’
personal items.

Respiratory – In-Home Equipment

Drive DeVilbiss HealthcareDrive DeVilbiss Healthcare, Drive DeVilbiss 10L Oxygen Concentrator

The 10L Oxygen Concentrator is an exercise in making a good thing even better. Built on Drive DeVilbiss’s 525DS, and using roughly approximately 80 percent of the same parts, the 10L Oxygen Concentrator (aka, the 1025DS) is 10 liter concentrator that pushes the envelope in terms of size and weight. Weighing in at 42lbs (excluding extra add-ons) the 1025DS produces 20 PSI via the outlet port, which permits high pressure Venturi masks and high volume nebulizers to be used. Other standard features include accessible patient controls, bright LEDs, protected cannula fitting, integrated fire stop oxygen outlet port, and a recessed humidifier nook round out some of the main features. Also, the 1025DS can also easily incorporate a compatible transfill system, via the axillary oxygen port and compatible Transfill Caddy. And at the same length, height and width, the transfill system compatible 1025DS can supply oxygen to a transfill system, while also supplying up to 6 LPM of oxygen to a patient, all in a smaller footprint that the competition.

Sleep – Resupply Items & Related Sleep Products

Fisher and Paykel HealthcareFisher and Paykel Healthcare, F&P Brevida Nasal Pillows Mask

The Brevida nasal pillows mask is designed for compliance and built for comfort. Compliance with CPAP therapy begins with a mask that fits and is comfortable, and to that end the Brevida features adjustable headgear to deliver an individual fit, and the innovative AirPillow seal which inflates to form a ‘pillow’ of air in and around the nose for a gentle, effective seal. The AirPillow is designed to be worn looser than other nasal pillows, which translates to less pressure is required on the nostrils. As the air enters, the AirPillow inflates sealing in and around the bottom of the nose. The design of the side supports reduce the likelihood of seal dislodging during sleep. T the washable air diffuser prevents exit air from blowing out, which dramatically reduces noise and draft.And the Brevida’s design isn’t just being honored in the industry, with awards such as ours. The mask recently earned the iF International Forum Design organization’s Product Design award.

Seating and Positioning

Permobil, Next Generation ROHO AGILITY from Permobil

When ROHO’s designers revamped the AGILITY backrest to make the backrest more breathable they started from the inside out. The new, more comfortable foam insert, along with the optional center air insert, provide additional holes for enhanced air-flow. Large cut outs within the back shell offer extra ventilation, as well as a sharper new look. Quick release hardware enhancements make for a simpler, more precise installation to complement the AGILITY. Fixed hardware is also available across the entire line of backs. The result is a backrest that is easier to install, easier to adjust, much more comfortable for the user, and happens to look pretty darned stylish.

Sleep – Therapy Systems

Philips RespironicsPhilips Respironics, DreamStation Go

Travel and sleep therapy are not the easiest combination, so the industry’s vendors have really doubled down on creating small-sized solutions that still offering full-sized therapy. Competition was hot in this category, but the DreamStation Go edged out its rvials with its approach to both compact and connected care. The pint-sized device offers the same therapy as Philips’ award-winning DreamStation at half the size for reliable, uninterrupted therapy while traveling. Weighing less than two pounds, the slim-profiled Go works with most masks, and features a color touch screen and built-in power supply. ProductsThe device also offers an on-board USB port and bluetooth connectivity to DreamMapper self-management system. It also includes Philips’ new 12mm micro-flexible tubing. And, because they DreamStation Go meets FAA standards for in-flight, road warriors can pop their CPAP in the magazine pouch in the seat in front of them and enjoy therapy on the wing.

This article originally appeared in the December 2017 issue of HME Business.

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