Numotion Unveils Remote Wheelchair Servicing

Using a secure phone app, users and caregivers can send technicians video that lets them quickly assess and diagnose problems with manual and power CRT devices.

National CRT wheelchair provider Numotion has unveiled a new phone app that lets technicians use secure video to remotely troubleshoot and sometimes solve problems end users are having with their chairs.

When clients have a problem, they can call Numotion who will help them install the HIPAA-compliant app, if they don’t yet have it. The app then facilitates a secure video session with a Numotion technician who speaks with the client (or their caregiver or similar advocate) on the phone, and uses the live video sent by the user to view and assess the condition of the chair.

The technician can determine if a part has failed, and if so, a part can be sent and an installation date and time can be set up during the call. The provider says the service should be able to easily effect repairs on items such as:

  • Worn tires and casters
  • Worn/torn arm pads, cushions, headrests, lateral pads
  • Damaged joysticks, seatbelts, harnesses, troughs, etc.
  • Malfunctioning motors or actuators
  • Joystick lockout issues
  • Motor gearboxes
  • Loose, broken or disconnected cables

Numotion reported it has conducted nearly 20,000 remote service evaluations so far this year, and has set a goal to conduct more than 100,000 a year. The provider said is working with various health plans around the country to use the service.

“Remote service drastically shortens the overall time to complete repairs, enabling us to service more customers much faster,” Numotion CEO Mike Swinford said. “Being able to diagnose and fix issues remotely is a tremendous benefit to our customers. It gives us the ability to identify and order required parts more quickly, eliminate unnecessary in-person assessment visits from a service tech, completely resolve certain issues with just a phone call, and provide immediate service to our customers when they need it.”

What’s the next step for Numotion’s remote repair? The company reported it is also partnering with wheelchair manufacturers to develop and incorporate wheelchair connectivity and analytics to create “connected wheelchairs” in order to use remote diagnostics and other data to enhance wheelchair capabilities.

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David Kopf is the Executive Editor of HME Business and DME Pharmacy magazine. Follow him on Twitter at @postacutenews.


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