Two Power Chairs Demonstrate Retail Mobility’s Market Momentum

Sales of Pride’s Jazzy Air and Go-Chair, launched in the past year, exceed the company’s goals ahead of expectations.

Jazzy Air and Go-Chair from Pride Mobility Products have proven to be huge revenue generators for providers.

Pride launched the power chairs in 2016 as signature retail products. Jazzy Air and Go-Chair are designed to serve as true lifestyle-enhancing products, combining functionality, quality and value, according to information from the company.

Both the Jazzy Air and Go-Chair have surpassed the 1,000 units sold mark, exceeding Pride's sales milestones. In 10 months, "has already generated $4 million in sales, and $1.6 million in provider profit," said Micah Swick, director of Pride Sales.

Pride released the Jazzy Air in February 2016. The power chair offers both medical and social mobility and features patent-pending technology that allows 10-inches of seat elevation at driving speeds up to 3.5 miles per hour. The power chair has a non-elevated top speed of 4.1 mph, as well as Pride's Active-Trac suspension, integrated LED lighting, ultra-comfort seating and a 19-inch turning radius.

The company launched the Go-Chair in June 2016. The compact, portable power chair features Pride's "Feather Touch" disassembly, enabling it to fit in most vehicles. It's available in six colors and has a 300 pound weight capacity, 18 Ah batteries and a top speed of 3.7 miles per hour.

“For 2017, we’re building upon this momentum and providers should embrace the opportunities in retail,” Swick added. “We feel that any provider not in this space is missing a vast revenue stream. We’re excited that more and more providers are coming onboard, and for this year we’re supporting retail providers with a big digital marketing push focused on driving greater consumer demand for these high-revenue products.”

Further information about the Jazzy Air and Go-Chair is available on Pride Mobility's site.

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