Q4 Audit Survey Starts Jan. 16

HME Audit Key program urges providers to submit their audit data for Q4 2016.

The latest installment of the HME Audit Key will go live on Jan. 16, and will collect providers’ audit data for the Fourth Quarter of 2016 in order to help the industry better understand the impact of Medicare claims audits, and build the industry’s case for reforming CMS’s audit program.

Information collected by the long-term survey gives the industry reliable and representative data that it can use on Capitol Hill to clearly demonstrate audit program is overly burdensome to HME businesses and can ultimately hurt access. This can help industry advocates make a strong argument for reforming CMS’s audits and easing the financial burdens those audits are having on providers.

“Your participation will help us build a strong data-set of performance benchmarks while also helping the HME community make the case on Capitol Hill and at CMS for much-needed audit reform,” a statement from AAHomecare read. “Increased industry participation will help us make a stronger case for audit reform.”

In addition to helping the industry make its case on Capitol Hill, the Audit Key program offers a business upside, according to AAHomecare. Individual suppliers can access to their own quarterly survey numbers, as well as aggregate survey results and key findings in order to compare their audit volumes and appeal overturn rates against their the aggregate findings in the report.

 Key things to keep in mind when signing up:

  • Providers that did not participate in the earlier data submission rounds can can still take part in the Q4 survey.
  • Suppliers can go to HMEAuditKey.org to register.
  • Participation is free; all that is requires is an organization's NPIs and respective five-digit zip code to register.
Also, the survey does not require providers to share individual claims data. Instead, the survey seeks cumulative counts of pre- and post-payment audits and appeal claim outcomes under DME MAC, RAC and SMRC reviews.

The program assures data security and does not share providers’ information. Provider data is only included in in aggregate data.

For help with the Audit Key program, providers can fill out a support contact form, email support@HMEAuditKey.org, or call (844) HME-AKEY (844-463-2539).

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