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Compression helps providers drive new cash revenue through existing patients, while reaching new markets. What are some of the latest offerings?

As providers hunt for ways to expand their revenues, compression represents a key opportunity for HME businesses to serve new and existing patients while driving new income. Compression can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including foot swelling, mild edema, varicose veins, thrombosis, varicosities of varying severities, and diabetes. This is where providers can help, by offering a range of compression solutions and ensuring staff can knowledgeably assist a wide range of patients.

Better yet, the revenue from compression products is usually derived from retail sales and free from Medicare-related complications. There are only a few Medicare scenarios in which Medicare reimburses compression, so for the most part compression transactions are done a retail basis. And given the large number of diabetic patients, seniors and other major patient populations that need compression, the number of transactions can get very large. Providers that specialize in compression can often derive as much as a quarter of their revenues from compression garments alone.

That means that providers can concentrate on all the sales and marketing appeals that can drive increased sales. And sales and marketing is an important consideration because, at the end of the day compression garments are clothing, and that means that fashion can play a role. Compression or no, people want to feel what they’re wearing makes them look good. That opens a wealth of marketing opportunities for providers. Let’s look at some of the latest offerings on the market:

Mediven for Women VitalityStylish Compression for Women

Mediven for Women Vitality

  • Mediven for Women Vitality provides a casual compression with a stylish yet subtle herringbone pattern, but is still engineered to provide comfortable, day-long compression.
  • Vitality is designed with revolutionary mediGrip technology, a light, knitted silicone band that provides added security without compromising comfort.
  • The ClimaFresh system, which inhibits odor-causing bacterial growth, helps patients keep feeling fresh all day.

medi USA
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Anti-Embolism StockingsStockings Prevent DVTs Post-Surgery

Anti-Embolism Stockings

  • Anti-embolism stockings to help prevent a deep vein thrombosis (DVT or blood clot) during bed rest and provide the benefits of graduated compression when transitioning from recovery to early rehabilitation.
  • Available in both calf-length and thighhigh styles with an open toe design that allows for easy inspection of the feet, while an anatomical foot design makes it easy to wear these stockings with shoes when transitioning from the bed to physical therapy.
  • The latex-free stockings feature 18–23mmHg of graduated compression and a comfortable top band that stays in place.

Sigvaris Inc.
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TRUFORMNew Stockings Have Therapeutic Graduated Compression


  • TRUFORM has released a 15-20 mmHg graduated compression stocking as part of its popular medical wear segment.
  • The stockings feature a soft top and knitted-in, defined heel for comfort, durability and proper fit.
  • The open toe-style lets you wear open-toe footwear while permitting easy inspection of the feet by the caregiver.

SAI Therapeutic Brands
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Microfiber ShadesShades Line of Compression Socks Gets New Colors

Microfiber Shades

  • Sigvaris has launched two new additions to its Microfiber Shades line: navy heather and graphite heather socks, to broaden its lineup of fashionable compression stockings.
  • In addition to the new colors, the Microfiber Shades Line is available in pink stripe, onyx stripe, graphite stripe, dark navy stripe in the 15-20mmHg compression level.
  • The pink stripe, onyx stripe and dark navy stripe are also available in the 20-30mmHg compression level.

Sigvaris Inc.
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Stocking AidStocking Aid Helps Users to Avoid Bending

Stocking Aid

  • The molded stocking aid helps users put on socks or stockings without bending.
  • The curved cutouts hold the sock in place and the stocking aid holds the sock open while it is being pulled up the leg.
  • The add measures 4 in. high and weighs 1.1 lbs.

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Signature CollectionRange of Compression Garments Emphasizes Style

Signature Collection

  • Juzo’s Signature Collection includes print leggings that give customers the benefits of compression while letting them make a fashion statement.
  • Styles include compression knee-highs, thigh highs, leggings, pantyhose, arm sleeves and gauntlets.
  • Tie-dye and black tie dye are available in the Soft & Dynamic lines.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2017 issue of HME Business.

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