HHS OIG Unveils 2017 Work Plan

The plan includes 10 DMEPOS-related investigations, including reports on nebulizers, power wheelchairs, and PAP therapy devices.

The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General has released its 2017 work plan, which highlights the reports it plans to publish during the coming year, and various DMEPOS items are mentioned.

In total, the work plan outlines investigations of 10 DMEPOS items that the HHS OIG wants to more deeply examine during 2017. The reports will include item including nebulizers, power wheelchairs, and positive airway pressure therapy devices.  

The HHS OIG Work plan can be found at http://bit.ly/2fnlOSC.

Another part of the work plan notes that HHS OIG must, per federal law, assess the performance of CMS’s competitive bidding program for DMEPOS.

“We will review the process CMS used to conduct competitive bidding and to make subsequent pricing determinations for certain medical equipment items and services in selected competitive bidding areas under Rounds One and Two of the competitive bidding program,” HHS OIG noted in its work plan.

That said, the American Association advised providers not to be overly concerned about the plan, as the HHS OIG’s eyes are usually larger than its stomach.

“The OIG has not historically completed their entire outlined work plans, and many of the listed reports may not be published next year,” the association noted in a member update. 

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