Industry Vets Unveil HME Workflow System

VirtuteRN will provide a cloud-based system designed to help providers diversify their payer mix.

Two HME industry veterans have joined to launch VirtueRN, a healthcare technology offering designed to help HME providers and hospice businesses broaden they payer reach.

Jason Jacobs, brings 25 years of industry experience on the manufacturing and provider side, most recently as vice president and general manager of a division of Chart Industries and vice president of Operations at Barnes Healthcare Services. Gibran Ameer has been in the HME and healthcare space for longer than 14 years, including positions such as COO of Jaysec Technologies and corporate director of Medical Services of America (MSA).

The company’s namesake product, VirtueRN. Provides a integrated, cloud-based workflow solution that gives hospice and HME businesses improved visibility and accountability throughout the life of the contract for better performance and profitability. Leveraging mobile technology, formulary compliance, consolidated billing and ordering are at users’ fingertips.

“Although we designed this solution with the needs of both the hospice and the HME in mind, the HME provider is our client,” said Ameer, who is CEO of VirtueRN. “We really listened to the home medical equipment market when they asked for a solution that was a bridge between them and the growing hospice market.”

“We streamlined the workflow and processes, so providers can grow their business by expanding into the ever growing hospice market and diversifying their payer mix. Before, servicing hospices may have put a strain on the operations due to tedious and manual processes,” added Jacobs, who is COO of VirtueRN. 

Bearing efficiency in mind, a key VirtueRN feature, AutoSync Billing, enables end-to-end, time-stamped billing creating efficiencies when it is time to reconcile bills each month. This capability obviates a significant back office work, which saves time and money for the provider, according to the company.

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