Bid Expansion Gains National Attention

News media covering providers’ stories regarding impact of national bid expansion.

As providers feeling the impact of the national expansion of competitive bidding have been sharing their experiences, that has in turn generated some much-needed coverage from the news media, according to the American Association for Homecare.

The association, which has been encouraging providers to share those stories and has been collecting them, has said the resulting news coverage helps build the industry’s exposure and credibility on Capitol Hill. That improved standing comes at a time when the industry is preparing to engage in a September push to advance reforms of the bid expansion when lawmakers return to the House and Senate on Sept. 6.

Some key pieces of news coverage include:

“We are also using these stories on Capitol Hill with offices that are especially interested in seeing the real world implications of these cuts,” a statement from AAHomecare read.

The association urged providers to continue emailing their stories to Tilly Gambill at, adding that if they do not feel comfortable having their stories shared in the media, and only wish them to be shared with Congressional staff to let Gambill know.

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