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Sidebar: Empowering Providers

Mobile technology experts discuss how mobile IT can help providers and their staff in the field.

We asked the mobile technology experts who contributed to the Putting IT in the Field article to discuss how their mobile technology solutions empower provider employees in the field.

Darren Young, product manager for CPR+ & CareTend at Mediware Information Systems Inc.

“Mediware offers a mobile technology solution called Delivery Plus that interfaces with our CPR+ product. With Delivery Plus and the CPR+ Delivery Manager, you can automate all aspects of the delivery process and give drivers a tool that lets them stay connected to the office in real time. Delivery Plus also contains an inventory component that lets staff quickly and easily access a number of inventory functions using a combination of barcode and mobile technology.

“Real time benefits include viewing routes and resequencing the order of deliveries using mapping features, updating quantities on tickets electronically, and assigning or editing serialized equipment. Real-time inventory features include assigning barcodes to all inventory items, creating purchase orders and receiving inventory with or without purchase orders.”

Rob Boeye, executive vice president of Home Medical Equipment for Brightree

“Brightree partners with Apacheta, a mobile business application provider that specializes in transportation and field service. Apacheta’s proprietary platform lets Brightree leverage current and emerging mobile technology platforms to provide native apps to providers that help them streamline their businesses. A provider’s data lives on the device, is encrypted and is HIPAA compliant, so a provider’s data is completely secure and flows seamlessly into the Brightree system.

“Additionally, Brightree MyForms provides a mobile form and workflow solution that
can be used on an iPad or other devices both in the office and in the field to ensure all forms are gathered and completed correctly. This helps audit proof the intake process to ensure the right forms are available for every order and each field is completed correctly. Once all documentation and quality assurance is completed, documents automatically flow directly into the patients record through Brightree Document Management.”

David Golen, vice president of Business Development Universal Software Solutions Inc.

“Universal Software Solution’s mobile technology was designed to give the field staff essential information on orders, patients and clinical data to make their time in the field as productive and patient-focused as possible.

“Benefits include making drivers more efficient, and allowing drivers and technicians to have better data in the field, which will naturally result in better patient service and outcomes.”

Jay Williams, Western national sales manager of Retail Pharmacy and HME for QS/1

“A decade ago, QS/1 enabled HME customers to electronically capture patient signatures in the field. A few years ago, we added the ability to accept credit card payments in the field.

“The benefits include a reduction of costs in both gas and vehicle wear and tear, and employee costs for time filing, scanning and credit card processing.”

This article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue of HME Business.


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