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Information technology is a key business asset for providers; we round up some of the latest developments.

Process automation, real-time inventory and important data accessed from mobile technology are just some of the benefits of information technology that can help the HME industry cut costs, improve compliance, provide better patent care and overcome the myriad changes that keep disrupting the HME landscape.

With the increased demands placed on HME providers because of constant regulation and policy changes, software, perhaps the driving force behind most modern business innovation, has helped providers to stay competitive. But the challenge hasn’t been whether software is a smart choice to enhance your business — it’s trying to keep up with the myriad options and features most software systems offer, implementing them across your business and then riding the wave of change until your new processes show benefit over the prior.

Still, for some providers, the thought of letting technology take over certain segments of their business is still frightening and overwhelming. The idea of taking a manual process or documentation to an electronic format might seem too intimidating to implement. The irony here, of course, is after you push change uphill, going down should be a lot easier and much more productive.

So to get the most out of your software, make sure you talk to your vendor to see how they will support your operation. Do they offer education and training that will get you up to speed quickly? Your confidence to dive deeper into technology will be higher when you find a software partner you can trust and rely on to help you drive innovation. To help you on your journey, here is a list of some of the software products on the market that might be able to help you take your HME business to the next level.

TIMS SoftwareTIMS Software

All-in-one solution targets HME business needs

  • TIMS Software helps you manage from intake and inventory management to revenue cycle operations and financial reporting.
  • Features include claims, reimbursement, denial management, rental equipment billing, barcoding, EDI, drop shipping, document imaging, business intelligence and APIs.
  • The TIMS Workflow triggers events or actions to create tasks, send emails, or execute a message queue with userdefined workflows.

Computers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500
Medtrade Spring Booth No. 824

BonafideBonafide Management Systems

Capture all your reimbursements with Bonafide billing and management solutions

  • Software features include electronic purchasing, sma or similar validation, eligibility and remaining deductible, barcode scanning, real-time tracking and more.
  • System streamlines internal and external processes and provides cloud-based 24/7 visibility into AR status and results.
  • Management system integrates with existing technology infrastructures.

Bonafide Management Systems
(805) 908-2333
Medtrade Spring Booth No. 854

BrightreeBrightree MyForms

MyForms is a configurable webbased documentation management platform

  • Eliminate paper forms, improve audit outcomes and create process integrity across all platforms.
  • Dashboards offer visibility into front-end activities and prioritizes user work by revenue and time goals.
  • Capture electronic signatures on any document.

Brightree LLC
(888) 598-7797
Medtrade Spring Booth No. 622

MediwareMediware CareTend Business Intelligence

Latest version of CareTend lets providers analyze data in real time

  • New offering includes a complete analysis package that includes detailed analytic cubes, real- time exception reporting, and dashboards with trending metrics and key performance indicators.
  • New HME inventory and home infusion features include national pricing changes and advanced workflow capabilities.
  • Real-time workflow tracking lets providers actively monitor key performance indicators and optimize staff output.

(888) 633-4927
Medtrade Spring Booth No. 544


Produce documentation needed for delivery, claims and audits

  • User selects product and reason product is being provided and 4tellDocs determines the forms required.
  • 4tellDocs walks users through information collection.
  • 4tellDocs embodies complex rules, diagnosis codes and other necessary information to help providers be compliant with Medicare claim submission regulations and audits.

4tellSoftware, Inc.
(888) 261-7113

Universal Software SolutionsHDMS Mobile Driver 2.0

HDMS Mobile Driver provides GPS-based routing and mapping of deliveries

  • Same-day orders and rush deliveries are sent real-time to the driver’s electronic route sheet.
  • Individual vehicle inventory tracks all items along with GPS mapping that provides efficient routing and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Mobile Driver enables real-time patient. delivery status and updates to CSR/billing staff immediately with every action taken including electronically captured patient signatures with automatic confirmation of orders.

Universal Software Solutions, Inc.
(810) 653-5000
Medtrade Spring Booth No. 815

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of HME Business.

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