QS/1 Receives Payment Certification

PA-DSS v3.1 compliance will help protect providers' retail transactions.

HME software company QS/1 reports it has received payment safety certification under the latest Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) version 3.1.

To certify with PA-DSS, point-of-sale vendors must develop a secure payment application that does not allow storage of prohibited information, such as magnetic stripe, CVV or PIN data while also adhering to all the industry mandates for the secure handling of credit card data. Even with the new chip-and-pin cards, the new PA-DSS standard certification further protects cardholders.

“Too many times we heard about retailers dealing with massive security breaches that compromise credit card data,” Sonny Anderson, vice president of Systems and Development for QS/1, said.

In addition to certification for processing the new chip-and-pin cards using the current EMV standards, QS/1’s PA-DSS-compliant POS system now includes the use of end-to-end encryption for the transmission of card data along with the tokenization of card data for customers who must store credit card data for recurring charges. 

“Another convenience for tech-savvy customers is that Apple Pay and Google Wallet are now supported and can be used to make payments,” Anderson added. 

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