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Retail products that incorporate packaging and display materials that help sell the products.

As many home medical equipment providers continue to step up their retail efforts, they are finding that merchandising is playing an increasingly important role in their cash sales strategies. They must strive to create a retail showroom that helps do some of the selling for them.

Creating an effective retail space combines a number of factors. For example, stores must be organized and make use of effective signage to help customers navigate to the products they need. The way items are packaged must look every bit as appealing as the way goods are packaged in other, more mainstream retail businesses. The merchandise must displayed in ways that not only attract clients, but also show them how they might use and benefit from those products in their daily lives, and displays that look like actual rooms in a home are a great way to accomplish that.

Above all, the showroom has to focus on product. Providers must showcase an adequate supply of compelling goods that serve the needs of both their existing HME patients and prospective customers who might not be funded, but looking for the kinds of solutions an HME business offers. This can also mean offering up “good, better, best” options to give customers some choice in their decision-making.

Here is a mix of some recent examples of innovative retail products that serve key customers needs, many of which that incorporate packaging and display materials that help sell the products:


Display KitViverity Pain Relief Pad POP Display Kit

POP Display Suports Viverity Pain Relief Pad Sales

  • The Viverity Pain Relief Pad is available without a prescription and FDA cleared for OTC sale, and the POP Display Kit is easy to assemble and informative.
  • The POP Display aims to catch customers’ attention and initiate discussion while educating them on a safer alternative to pain relief.
  • With a small compact footprint (approximately one square foot), the POP display can help increase your cash sales revenue in a tiny space.

Roscoe Medical
(800) 376-7263


Mask Care StandMask Care Stand

Stand Gives CPAP Patients Simple Mask Storage

  • To help sleep patients care for their masks when not in use, the Mask Care Stand accommodates all mask styles.
  • The stand features adjustable clips secure mask to prevent falling on floor.
  • The beveled base is designed to catch droplets that occur when mask has condensation, which prevents water damage to furniture, and the low profile design disassembles for travelers.

AG Industries LLC
(800) 875-3138


DayDreamerGolden DayDreamer

Golden DayDreamer Lift Chair Features New Power Pillow

  • The Golden DayDreamer an addition to the Maxi Comfort lift chair line featuring an updated look, AutoDrive 3.0, and a new standard accessory: The DayDreamer features the all new and exclusive Power Pillow.
  • The power pillow is and built-in powered adjustable head/neck-positioning system.
  • The user can easily recline the chair and then adjust their head position with the touch of a button.

Golden Technologies Inc
(800) 624-6374


RejuvaDr. Comfort line of Rejuva Fashion Compression

Fashion Hosiery Encourages Compliance

  • Rejuva compression legwear aims to increase compliance by giving patients fashionable compression legwear that helps them look good, feel good and be more comfortable wearing them in public.
  • Legwear features a padded heel and toe, as well as a wide top bad, allowing the stockings to hold up well without pinching the leg.
  • Available in multiple medically correct compression, ranging from 15-20 mmHg up to 20-30 mmHg, so it can be fit to just about everyone.

Dr. Comfort
(800) 556-5572


Retail DisplaysBattery Tabletop Display

Tabletop Retail Displays Tout Gel Battery Benefits for Mobility

  • The 11 in. by 17 in., full-color, tabletop retail display clearly illustrates the reliable performance and longevity of gel batteries for wheelchair and scooter applications.
  • The message is that quality batteries make a big difference and that consumers should consider the advantages of MK gel batteries when making their choice. Insert brochures are included in a dispenser for consumers to take with them.
  • These displays and accompanying insert brochures are available to MK customers free of charge but supplies are limited.

MK Battery
(800) 372-9253


Never OutApex Program

Special Program Keeps Footwear Inventory One Step Ahead

  • The ‘Never Out’ inventory program from Apex aims to eliminate back orders, and guarantees patients’ 18 favorite styles will always be in stock.
  • The program includes a free wall display featuring a primary pack of 18 top selling Apex footwear styles.
  • Program includes guaranteed 72-hour shipping; a 25 percent discount on items that don’t ship; and free freight.

Apex Foot Health Industries LLC
(800) 252-2739

This article originally appeared in the December 2015 issue of HME Business.

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