Providers Urged to Lobby Against Bid Expansion

AAHomecare calls on providers to reach out to lawmakers starting next week during Congressional recess to nix 2016 expansion of competitive bidding rates to rural areas.

The American Association for Homecare urged providers nationwide to take advantage of the upcoming Congressional recess to call on lawmakers to stop the 2016 expansion of competitive bidding.

As part of the Affordable Care Act, which the Supreme Court upheld today in a 6-3 ruling, competitive bidding rates will be expanded nationwide, including rural areas. The concern is that those rural provider will not see any difference in volume, but will experience an average 45 percent reimbursement cut per competitive bidding rates.

So the association is calling on providers to reach out to their Congressional representatives during the two upcoming recesses for both the House & Senate, which runs June 29 through July 3 and July 31 through Sept. 4. At this time, lawmakers will be working in their districts, which gives providers solid opportunities to meet in person with their Senators, Representatives and legislative staffs to discuss the issue.

“Addressing CMS’ plan to apply competitive bidding-derived rates to non-competitive bidding areas, due to take effect in January of 2016, remains a top priority for the Association,” read a statement from AAhomcare.

“Expanding the reach of Medicare bidding rates to rural areas — cutting prices by an average of 45 percent – will be a devastating development for homecare providers and patients alike. In light of this action by Medicare, Congressional representatives need to hear from every home medical equipment provider and every Medicare patient about the effects of this latest round of cuts on America’s homecare infrastructure.”

Providers seeking additional resources to help them make their cases can find information on their members of Congress via the Congressional directory in the AAHomecare Action Center. AAHomecare is also asking that providers send a message to Congress on the issue using its action center, that you share that link with your colleagues and other HME stakeholders, as well.

The association is also providing these additional resources:

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