United Spinal Shows H.R. 4920 Support

Consumer group organizes a Binding Bids sign-on letter to Congress backed by 25 supporting organizations.

The United Spinal Association recently led an effort to gather 25 consumer group organizations to attach their names to a sign-on letter endorsing H.R. 4920 and thanking Reps. Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio) and John Larson (D-Conn.) for introducing the legislation into the House.

H.R. 4920, known as the Binding Bids bill, aims to end the practice of “suicide bidding” by requiring bidders in competitive bidding to meet all state licensing and certifications, and have special surety bonds that wound require them to live up to their bid amounts. This would give qualified HME provider businesses a better chance of winning bid contracts, rather than companies that simply bid at untenably low rates.

“By limiting the choice of medical equipment providers, people with disabilities are experiencing increased difficulty getting appropriate wheelchairs, repairs and other medical equipment, support services, and much needed medical supplies,” the letter, signed by United Spinal vice president of government relations Alexandra Bennewith, MPA, read. “This process has greatly increased the occurrence of delivery delays, incidents of wrong products and parts delivered, and it has created hardships for people with disabilities who are now forced to use providers that are far from their homes both in and outside their state of residence.”

The American Association for Homecare urged HME providers to work with local consumer organizations to attach their names to United Spinal’s letter.

“We will continue to gather support on periodically send the letter to the sponsors,” a statement from AAHomecare read.

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