AAHomecare Developing Audit Tracking System

Association launches effort to track and measure how Medicare audits are impacting HME providers.

The American Association for Homecare will build and launch a system for tracking Medicare audits that have been plaguing providers.

“Good data informs good decisions,” said Tom Ryan, president and CEO of AAHomecare, at the association’s Washington Conference, held May 6 to 8 in Washington, D.C. “We’re ready to work on behalf of the industry to collect and quantify the impacts of audits and present compelling facts that policymakers cannot ignore.”

AAHomecare’s decision comes as the Government Accountability Office has raised questions about the efficacy of CMS’s audit system and the negative impact it his having on HME businesses and other healthcare providers.

AAHomecare said it worked closely with the American Hospital Association (AHA) on its RACTRAC survey tool and has met with Provider Consulting Solutions, the firm that developed the RACTRAC program. Using insighted gained from that interaction the AAHomecare audit tracking system will be designed to collect data that will demonstrate the negative effect audits are having on providers.

“Anecdotal stories and self-reported data are not credible and not persuasive with policymakers,” said Kim Brummett, AAHomecare vice president of regulatory affairs. “The new audit tracking system will help the industry track a more complete picture of audit activity and its impact.”

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