PCORI Gains Communications Director

Slutsky, PA, MSPH will lead $43 million program to research most effective patient-care communications methods.

Jean Slutsky, PA, MSPH, will join the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute as Director of PCORI’s Communication and Dissemination Research Program. With Slutsky’s arrival on Feb. 17, PCORI will have senior leaders for all six of its scientific programs.
She comes to PCORI from the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) where she has directed the Center for Outcomes and Evidence since 2003.

In her new role at PCORI, Slutsky will lead a program that has committed more than $43 million to research how to most effectively communicate and disseminate research results among patients, caregivers, clinicians and other critical health and healthcare decision-makers. The program carries out its work under one of PCORI’s five National Priorities for Research.

A statement from PCORI says slose collaboration between the institute and AHRQ will be essential to coordinating dissemination activities and avoiding duplication of goals. Slutsky’s experience at the agency and her leadership in developing programs to advance CER and the translation and implementation of CER findings make her an ideal leader for PCORI’s Communication and Dissemination Research program, according to PCORI Chief Science Officer Bryan Luce, PhD, MBA.

“As the research we fund begins producing results, and as the field of comparative effectiveness research grows and evolves, it will become ever more critical to know how to advance the uptake of evidence in practice and help patients, clinicians and others make better-informed clinical decisions,” he said. “We will benefit greatly from Jean Slutsky’s recognized expertise in this field.”

During her tenure at AHRQ, Slutsky oversaw several clinical outcomes and effectiveness research activities, and that experience will be valuable as PCORI builds its infrastructure for research dissemination and implementation activities, Luce noted.

In addition to her work at AHRQ, Slutsky currently serves as a member of PCORI’s Methodology Committee, which developed the PCORI Methodology Report, a compilation of baseline requirements for following best practices in the conduct of scientifically valid patient-centered outcomes research. She also is a member of the AcademyHealth Methods Council.

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