Medtrade Features Sizable Home Access, Retail Exhibit

Show will devote 4,500 square feet to help providers explore new revenue options.

Nielsen Expositions has allotted 4,500 square feet for a Home and Retail Design Center on the expo floor at Medtrade Fall 2012, which is slated for Oct. 15-18 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress.

The exhibit follows Medtrade 2011’s accessible home display, and continues a move to give providers other revenue sources to consider in the face of continued Medicare funding cuts

“We want to depict what a newly remodeled HME accessibility provider’s showroom would look like,” said Jerry Keiderling, president, Accessible Home Improvement of America, which is part of VGM Group. “It could be a typical DME with undergarments and oxygen concentrators, but another side could be focused on retail cash items.” 

The special retail exhibit will aim to replicate the ideal showroom floor for providers interested in expanding their cash sales business. It will offer displays with different product categories and special “vignette” displays to showcase products in their environment.

“It might resemble a bathroom or bedroom,” said Rob Baumhover, director of Retail Programs for VGM, who is working with Keiterling on the exhibit. “We’re not sure exactly which product categories we are going to incorporate at this time, but we believe it’s important to do this because retail has come to the forefront. Providers are looking for different ways to diversify their business.”

“I did not hesitate to set aside the space for the retail area this year,” said 
Kevin Gaffney, Nielsen’s group show director. “The accessible home worked well last year, but the time is right for a more robust retail focus.” 

Registration for Medtrade Fall 2012 is open, and early bird rates are $25 for an expo pass and $99 for the conference, which includes access to more than 100 sessions. Pre-show seminars and workshops are also available. More informationc an be found at or by calling (800) 933-8735.

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