AAHomecare Awards Mixon, Brant

Invacare CEO and AMEPA head honored for their industry advocacy.

The American Association for Homecare awarded Invacare Corp. chairman Mal Mixon and Accredited Medical Equipment Providers of America Advisor Rob Brant its inaugural Legislative Advocate Awards at the associations Washington Conference, held Feb. 14-16 at Washington, D.C.’s L’Enfant Plaza hotel.

Introducing this year’s charter winners, AAHomecare President and CEO Tyler Wilson said the award recognized individuals who, through their “time effort and money had advanced the association’s government affairs efforts, and who have, by their example, inspired others to be involved in advocacy and support of the homecare community.”

An association committee reviewed many industry individuals in the industry noted for their efforts to meet with legislators in their home states or on Capitol Hill, to educate those lawmakers; who have attended Washington meetings and perhaps testified at Congressional hearings; and who have encourage colleagues to participate in grassroots activities, and who have contributed to AAHoemcare’s PAC and have inspired others to contributed to industry efforts, as well.

The first winner, Invacare’s Mixon, was recognized for his “unmateched” work over the course of his 30-plus-year career to advocate the industry and its patients, said AAHomecare Chairman Joel Marx in his introduction of Mixon.

“This means a lot to me, because it’s given to me by customers, and I really do appreciate it,” Mixon said. “I have been involved in government relations for 20 years and it’s like pushing a wet noodle uphill. I’m committed to market-based pricing, and many of us are working on it, and we’re going to make it happen.”

The second award recipient, Rob Brant, who is also the general manager and COO of City Medical Services, was recognized for his “research, extensive contact with lawmakers, testimony before Congress that produced pivotal support in his home state of Florida, as well as across the country.”

“It’s fitting that I receive this award at L’Enfant Plaza, because it was the very first time I came to the Washington Conference, in 2008, before the Round One bid results came out for the competitive bidding program,” Brant said, referring to the first bid of Round One of competitive bidding. “I figured that, at the time, I had put my bids in about six months earlier, and I figured I had a 63 percent change of getting awarded a contract. … Little did I know that 63 percent would be the chances that I’d be erroneously disqualified, which I was.”

The disqualification launched Brant’s industry advocacy, which included joining AAHomecare’s committee on competitive bidding, involvement in the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act, and work on AAHomecare’s board.

“I realized that the work done here in Washington is much bigger than one provider in Miami, a bidding area in Florida, or even Round One,” he said. “And it is something I really wanted to get involved in.”

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