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The various software offerings available to HME providers offer a plethora of capabilities that can help them more effectively respond to Medicare audits. Here is a quick run-down of some of the audit features available from various software systems we collected in HME Business magazine’s most recent software survey:


Brightree software

Brightree LLC
(888) 598-7797

Audit features: Systematic workflows that guide users to proactively gather thorough documentation on the front end. Brightree automates manual tasks, directing employees through the complete process. Providers can track changes in the system by user; automate eligibility to avoid delivering products to ineligible patients; use Brightree electronic fax and document imaging to quickly document CMNs and doctors’ orders to the patient record for future reference; and produce tracking and trending reports that can help providers monitor their business and compliance.

CPR+ for HMECPR+ for HME

Definitive Homecare Solutions, Ltd.
(866) 277-4876

Audit features: With claims holds and Medicare setup, CPR+ provides tools to ensure that HME providers have met Medicare requirements to better withstand audit scrutiny. With integrated document imaging and filterable claims reports, CPR+ for HME helps providers answer audits inquiries efficiently.

Fastrack Healthcare SystemsFastrack Enterprise System for HME

Fastrack Healthcare Systems, Inc.
(800) 520-2325

Audit features: Fastrack provides the necessary audit reports and data capture to help ensure the provider is in compliance and can respond appropriately to an audit. Another audit tool is the Fastrack Electronic Patient record including the integrated document management system that provides easy access to the complete patient record.

Universal Software SolutionsHDMS

Universal Software Solutions, Inc.
(810) 653-5000

Audit features: The HDMS Compliance module helps providers ensure claims are ready to be submitted with a complete history of patient compliance. Payor specific, user defined compliance rules may be defined to accommodate various payers’ rules and guidelines. Coupled with a dynamic document imaging system this module provides all documentation necessary at the touch of a button.

AuthentiDateInscrybe Healthcare Referral Management Solution

(877) 467-2792

Audit features: Full audit trails and reporting capabilities including authentication of documents, transactions and timestamps included with audit trails.

MedAct SoftwareMedAct Software

MedAct Software
(800) 326-0314

Audit features: MedAct employs an integrated workflow engine that assists providers in submitting clean claims. MedAct employs a variety of tools and checklists during order intake to minimize and eliminate claim rejects and denials, which could trigger audits. LCDs can be attached to inventory items and to ensure compliance to regulations. File Audit Checklists are used to ensure orders have the proper documentation before claims submission. MedAct integrates a Compliance Center, which directly targets issues vital to providers facing Audits. The MedAct Compliance Center generates more than 20 pre-payment and post-payment reports. Responding to CERT audits are handled by review code tracking and reporting for each invoice and line item. Integrated document management utilizing automated bar code recognition ensures all documents are available at a patient, doctor and insurance level for audit review.

MedFORCE TechnologiesMedFORCE Scan, D&R Manager, WorkFLOW

MedFORCE Technologies, Inc.
(866) 237-1190

Audit features: The combination of the three products offered: MedFORCE Scan, D&R Manager and WorkFLOW will streamline the efficiencies of your office, centralize storage of all documents and track document printing, plus more.

Noble HouseNoble*Direct for Windows

Noble House
(800) 749-6700

Audit features: Document scanning and image retrieval is included which allows providers to scan and store important documents within each patient’s profile. These include completed AOB forms, doctor’s order forms, CMNs, proof of delivery and others. Many of these required forms are generated and stored within the patient profile automatically. Formal procedures for generation, receipt and storing of required documents allow providers to properly respond to audit requests and avoid costly penalties.


(800) 231-7776

Audit features: Detailed documentation tracking and in-depth reporting.

TIMS SoftwareTIMS Software

Computers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500

Audit features: Provides upfront validations needed to minimize denials or takebacks based on insufficient required documentation or lack of medical necessity before equipment is released to the patient. Access any scanned documents through TIMS Imaging such as CMNs, doctor orders, ABNs or clinical notes for example.

This article originally appeared in the February 2012 issue of HME Business.

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