VIDEO: NCART Releases New Video

Complex rehab technology video aims to help users, physicians and consumer groups.

 The National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology (NCART) has released “Complex Rehab Technology‐ Essential for health. Essential for life,” an educational video that video provides an introduction to Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) from the perspectives of individuals that rely on CRT for their health and independence, physicians that prescribe it, and consumer organizations that work to protect access.

Along with an introduction to CRT, the video also highlights policy changes that are needed to provide adequate access. The video will be widely distributed and utilized to increase the awareness and understanding of CRT on both a national and state level. It is designed to be used with legislators, public and private third‐party payers, and other policy makers. It should be required viewing for anyone involved in matters relating to the coverage and payment of CRT products and related services.

The video shares the stories of five individuals who rely on Complex Rehab Technology every day to promote and protect their health, function, and independence. The video also includes comments from a physician active in prescribing CRT and a national disability advocacy group leader. Dr. Nicholas Holekamp, Chief Medical Director at Ranken Jordan Hospital, a pediatric specialty hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, discusses the medical and functional benefits of CRT. Paul Tobin, President and CEO of United Spinal Association, a national advocacy and service organization, reviews the importance of CRT for people with disabilities and the need for adequate coverage and funding policies to provide adequate access.


Complex Rehab Technology- Essential for health. Essential for life. from NCART on Vimeo.

The 11-minute video can be viewed at To allow for varied types of presentations, a condensed five-minute version will also be made available.

Accompanying the release of the video, NCART has also developed and updated a variety of additional CRT educational advocacy material that can be used with legislators, public and private third‐party payers, and other policy makers. These materials can be accessed in the Educational area on the NCART website at

 “As we continue to work on separate recognition for CRT through a Medicare Separate Benefit Category and other activities, helping policy makers at the federal, state, and private payer levels better understand what CRT is all about is critical," said NCART President Gary Gilberti. "They need to understand that it’s specialized equipment, that it’s used by a small group of children and adults with disabilities, and that it provides real medical and functional benefits.

 “Policy makers cannot make appropriate coverage and payment decisions without knowing the details of the products, services, and benefits. This video allows the people that use, prescribe, and advocate for CRT to share their perspectives across the country," Gilberti continued. "They’re real people and real‐life stories. We know we need to create greater CRT awareness and this video is a great tool to assist in that process.”

 “We’re very happy to have a new and powerful tool to help in national CRT advocacy efforts," said Don Clayback, NCART Executive Director. "The title 'Essential for health - Essential for Life,' is meant to convey the important aspects of CRT. As Frank Alberding says in the video 'A wheelchair is not just a wheelchair. It’s a part of me.' That’s an important piece of the CRT message.

“The video, along with our other updated educational materials, will better equip everyone who is working on promoting and protecting access to this specialized equipment," Clayback continued. "NCART will be making this video easily available for distribution and viewing. We hope all CRT stakeholders will use it to foster a clearer recognition of CRT and of the related policy changes that are needed.”

Copies of the videos and related information can be obtained by contacting Don Clayback, NCART Executive Director, at or (716) 839‐9728.

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