AAHomecare Calls for Fairer Audits

Association pushing HHS OIG for ‘consistency, clarity, objectivity, and accountability.’

The American Association for Homecare says it has been working to stem the increasing tide of pre- and post-payment ZPIC, RAC, DME MAC and CERT audits. The audits have been plaguing providers to the point where HMEs have allocated significant resources to handling audit paperwork.

The association reports that it has been trying to convince CMS officials to make changes to the policies and procedures that are being employed against homecare providers in order to ensure the audits are fair and not excessively burdensome, since the audit tactics are threatening the viability of many HME companies.

AAHomecare says it has adopted a “two-pronged approach” to the recent onslaught of Medicare audits:

  • Push CMS and the HHS Office of Inspector General for greater consistency, clarity, objectivity, and accountability in the auditing process. The OIG has been a driving force behind the increased volume of audits, according to AAHomecare.
  • AAHomecare and its members will address audit problems on a case-by-case basis. In several instances, AAHomecare says it has been able to help providers get themselves removed from 100-percent prepay reviews. In other cases, the Association says it has been able to open lines of communication with auditors so that, HMEs could at least learn why their claims were being denied, and use that information to take corrective action.

AAHomecare reminded its members that assistance was a benefit of their membership and that if they have questions or concerns about audit activity, to contact AAHomecare’s Walt Gorski at (703) 535-1894 or waltg@aahomecare.org.

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