HME Trainer Shares How Mom Helped him Succeed

Industry sales and marketing expert Ty Bello releases book of business insights learned form his mother.

We’ve all heard about what’s to be learned from Kindergarten, but what about your mother? As a celebration of everything thing to be gleaned from moms everywhere, Team @ Work’s Founder and President Ty Bello has released, “25 Sales Tips you Can Learn from your Mother,” a compendium of business insights he gained from the woman who raised him.

“For seasoned and rookie sales professionals, the change begins in all of us,” Bello says. “Our mothers had a profound impact on each of us. Mom shaped us, disciplined us, and encouraged each of us to be the best we could be. In 25 Tips, we can find timeless truths that apply to our personal and professional lives.”

Those lessons include the importance of listening; keeping a spotless reputation; and the need to maintaining balance in life. Bellow combines those insights from his mother with his own perspectives from more than 30 years of experience in the military, sales, leadership and coaching.

The advice might be simple and homespun, but the lessons have solid payoff. For instance, tip No. 18, simply titled “Clean your room and make your bed,” shows how that basic lesson helps shape sales success: “When Mom tried to instill good habits into each of us, she did so knowing that we would have to learn the fine art of self-discipline for our adult years. Sales managers will agree; autonomous sales professionals make excellent employees.  If sales representatives would practice self discipline, sales would escalate exponentially.”

Interested HME professionals can order the book at, or get more information from that site, or by emailing Bello at

Bello will be hosting a webinar on how providers can build and implement successful patient and referral partner marketing strategies on March 30. Stay tuned to and the e-Source newsletter to learn more.

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