8 Tips for Selecting the Appropriate Aerosol Delivery Device

Nebulizers and metered dose inhalers can help clients with asthma enjoy a healthy, more active lifestyle. But with all of the equipment choices on the market, matching the right product to the right client can get a little tricky.

But the journal CHEST is here to help! A recent article outlined the following patient-related factors that should be considered when selecting the appropriate aerosol delivery device, says Matt Conlon, director of sales and marketing, Respiratory Drug Delivery, Respironics, Murrysville, Pa.

  1. What aerosol devices are available for the desired asthma/COPD drug?
  2. Will the patient be able to use the device correctly?
  3. Is reimbursement for the device/drug combination available?
  4. How much will the device cost?
  5. Can the device be used with all inhaled asthma/COPD drugs prescribed for the patient?
  6. Will the device be convenient and easy to use/clean?
  7. How durable is the device?
  8. Do you or the patient have any specific device preferences?

Take these tips to heart the next time a client comes to you for a product recommendation.

Consumer Tip! Now that your client is fitted with the right equipment choice, check out the American College of Chest Physicians' guides for helping consumers use metered dose inhalers and nebulizers at www.chestnet.org/patients/guides/inhaledDevices.php.

For more on asthma, check out the September article "Waiting to Exhale" in Home Health Products. For product information, visit Respiratory.

This article originally appeared in the November 2006 issue of HME Business.

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