April 2022 DME Pharmacy

DME Pharmacy April 2022


medical care giver speaking with patient

Providing Incontinence Service that Prioritizes Patient Dignity

By David Kopf

Properly serving incontinence clients requires professionalism, care, discretion and understanding.

lady sleeping on a cloud

Sleep Resupply: Helping Patients Rest Easy

By David Kopf

Consistent patient communication is a key element of any successful sleep therapy resupply strategy. How can DME pharmacies be ‘great communicators?’


DME Pharmacy Marketplace

A collection of compelling products on the market that DME pharmacies should consider adding to their stock.

Home Infusion

Software Spotlight: Brightree's Home Infusion Enhancements

By David Kopf

Post-acute software company Brightree has added more than a dozen workflow enhancements designed for home infusion pharmacy organizations to its Business Management Solution for Pharmacy.

Shreya Bhute

Home Infusion: Global Growth

By Shreya Bhute

The top 4 trends uplifting home infusion therapy industry share through 2027.

Subbarao Potharaju

Sleep Therapy Compliance: The Mask Remains King

By Subbarao Potharaju

The most significant component of adherence, from a device perspective, is the mask, and technological advancements are driving new ways to improve patient compliance rates and successful business outcomes.