September/October 2021 HME Business

Sep/Oct 2021


Tom Ryan

Observation Deck

An E-Prescribing Solution Comes to the DME Industry

By Tom Ryan

Several factors have slowed DME’s adoption of e-prescription, but a new coalition has kicked things into high gear.

radar screen

Annual Roundtable

What's On Your Radar?

By David Kopf

COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines as it wreaks healthcare havoc, but there are 8 strategic trends poised to impact your business in the coming weeks and months. Are you monitoring them? Are you prepared? HMEB's editorial advisory board shares their insights.

rocket launching

Product & Technology

Product Launch Fall 2021

By David Kopf

A collection of compelling new HME products and services that'll help your business hit new HEIGHTS with patients and referral partners

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