January/February 2021 HME Business

Jan/Feb 2021



Breathe Easy?

By David Kopf

COVID-19 has strained America’s oxygen infrastructure like nothing before. What factors are impacting supply and demand, and how are stakeholders responding? What other factors are impacting the oxygen market at the same time?

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The Essential Stand-Out Sales Approach for 2021

By Ty Bello

Providers of all sizes either survived or thrived in 2020. Regardless of how our businesses fared in 2020, we must approach sales planning in 2021 differently.


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14th Annual Big 10

By David Kopf

It’s time again for our annual Big 10 list of trends affecting HME now and in the months to come, but this year is different due to the far-reaching COVID-19 public health emergency. See what will impact the industry as we roll into 2021.

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The Industry That Could

By David Kopf

HME providers have demonstrated their crucial role in American healthcare during COVID-19.


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Game Changes: Accreditation in 2021

By David Kopf

This year marks a renewal cycle for DMEPOS accreditation, but COVID-19 and some other industry trends have changed the game. What do providers need to know to ensure a smooth and timely renewal?

Accreditation: The Pharmacy Exemption

By David Kopf

DME pharmacies, the community pharmacies that also provide home and durable medical equipment, have unique circumstances when it comes to DMEPOS accreditation.


Product Solutions: Sleep Therapy

By David Kopf

Sleep therapy has always been the place where the rubber meets the road when it comes to big HME industry trends. What are some of the latest innovations?

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