April 2020 DME Pharmacy

DME Pharmacy April 2020


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'To E or not to E'

By Holly J. Wagner

Pharmacies have been handling e-prescriptions for some time, but the technology has reached the world of DME. How should DME pharmacies weigh the pros and cons?

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Online Presence

Go Google Yourself!

By Holly J. Wagner

Your pharmacy's marketing success may depend on taking control of your online presence — even if you didn't know you have one.

DME Pharmacy Marketplace

By Holly J. Wagner, Haley Samsel

A collection of new products and services available to pharmacies that carry DME.


Editor's Note

Sizing up the Wound Care Opportunity for Pharmacies

By David Kopf

Wound care reaches a variety of DME pharmacy customers with products that generate retail and funded revenue. Best of all, the market is quickly expanding.

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