April 2017 HME Business

April 2017


Aging in place

Products & Technology

Rethinking Aging in Place

By David Kopf

Aging in place isn’t just home access. It represents a broad array of new service opportunities for the senior market. What are some top product categories that providers can use to jump in?

respiratory audits under a microscope

Business Solutions

Respiratory Audits: Under the Microscope

By David Kopf

As the new RAC comes online, and as the 2017 HHS OIG Workplan is in effect, what can respiratory providers expect in terms of audits, and how should they respond?


David Kopf

Editor's Note

A New Attitude

By David Kopf

CMS needs to change how it regards HME. How it helps shape the future of U.S. healthcare could depend on it.

Observation Deck

The Next Big Opportunity?

By John Eberhart

Providers should explore the renewed world of airway clearance. It just could be the next major product category for HME.


Problem Solvers

Accreditation's Renewal Season

By David Kopf

The time is approaching fast when HME providers need to renew their Medicare accreditation. They want to get out ahead of the process.

Diabetes Product Solutions

By Sydny Shepard

With the population of diabetes patients so large, it's critical that diabetic supply providers stay on top of the latest product trends.

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