February 2017 HME Business

February 2017


Data Security

Products & Technology

Hacked: Data Security for HME Providers

By Joseph Duffy

The world of healthcare is becoming increasingly concerned with data security -- and with good reason. A casual glance at the headlines will show that hospitals and care networks are falling victim to attacks. Never before has patient and healthcare data been more in need of protection, and that includes HME businesses. What must providers do to protect their information and patients?

Sleep Network Expansion

Business Solutions

Expanding Your Sleep Network

By Joseph Duffy

Sleep therapy remains an important and growing care sector for many providers. We explore the concrete ways in which sleep therapy equipment providers can increase their referral sales and drive more business.


David Kopf

Editor's Note

The HMEB Players

By David Kopf

Let's recognize the most talented, skilled, hardworking team in the magazine business.

Observation Deck

An HME Client Journey

By David Baxter

A family emergency demonstrates how HME provider businesses can play a vital and ongoing role in patients' lives, if they treat the relationship right.


Medtrade Spring

Medtrade Spring Preview

Focusing on New Ideas

By David Kopf

This year's installment of Medtrade Spring offers a retooled conference program and workshops to help providers re-energize their business.

Product Solutions: Scooters

Retail mobility offers a world of revenue possibilities and scooters are a cornerstone offering in that regard. What are some of the latest offerings?

Problem Solvers

The Best Approach to Retail HME?

By David Kopf

An incremental sales strategy gives providers that are new to retail the perfect platform on which to found their cash sales businesses.

How Big of a Problem Is Ransomware?

By David Kopf

Software that holds patient data hostage in exchange for ransom is a threat providers must monitor.

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