HME Business April 2015

April 2015


Home access opportunities for HME providers

Business Solutions

Home Access: Sharing Strengths

By Joseph Duffy

Home access opportunities for HME providers are booming like the population they serve, but it takes the right expertise and the right relationships to build a solid business. This month's cover story examines how providers can build their home access skills and referral networks.

Medicare Audit Update

Business Solutions

Treading Carefully

By David Kopf

Medicare audits represent a shifting landscape in which audit contractors change their targets and priorities. We look at the latest changes and how providers should adjust, as well as the industry’s efforts to reform the currently out-of-control program.


Observation Deck

Fight for the Future of HME

By Tom Ryan

The May 20-21 Washington Legislative Conference gives HME professionals a chance to back several key industry initiatives in person on Capitol Hill.

Editor's Note

HME's Glass is Half Full

By David Kopf

After years of gloom, the year 2015 is giving the HME industry good reason to take heart.

Provider Strategy

Making New Connections

By Jennifer Heller

The business of LinkedIn is building business. How can HME professionals leverage this powerful tool to advance their businesses as well as careers?


Product Solutions


By David Kopf

HME software has helped providers unlock information that can lead to powerful changes in their businesses. What are some of the latest options?

Home Access Products

Home access providers must build a bedrock foundation of product knowledge. Here are some of the latest offerings on the market.

Problem Solvers

Getting the Most from a Good Thing

By Joseph Duffy

As popular as POCs and home filling systems have become, a learning curve remains. How can providers help patients to maximize their portable oxygen usage?

Private Payor Tips

Business Solutions

Private Payor Pro-Tips

By David Kopf

Two industry experts sit down with HMEB to discuss the opportunities in the private payor arena and how providers can take advantage of them.

Business Solutions

Home Access Levels

By Joseph Duffy

An outline to help home access providers connect the progression of product/solution complexity to the levels of expertise required.

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