January 2015 HME Business

January 2015


Competitive Bidding

Business Solutions

Head-on Competitive Bidding Collision

By David Kopf

As the Round Two re-compete thunders down the tracks, HME providers scramble both in terms of their legislative response and in preparing their bids.

HME Business Big Ten

2015 Preview

Big Ten

By David Kopf

As HME businesses continue to drive new revenue in 2015, the New Year also brings some serious challenges. We explore the solutions and opportunities in this year's list.


Editor's Note

Legislation Is a Process

By David Kopf

The American legislative process is anything but linear, and a bill winds up representing much more than a one-time piece of legislation – it becomes an investment.

Observation Deck

The Changing Nature of 'Seniors'

By Drew McCartney

Baby boomers are redefining what it is to be a senior. This means that HME providers and manufacturers alike must learn how to reach this important demographic.

Provider Strategy

Addressing the 'New Normal'

By Wayne van Halem

If audits are now "just a part of doing business," then providers need to consider outsourcing their audit and appeal workload. How do they consider the options available to them?


Home Access

Products & Technology

Getting a Foothold in Home Access

By David Kopf

Home access offers providers a shovel-ready retail opportunity. How can they scale the learning curve?

Problem Solvers

Face-to-face: Are You Ready?

By Joseph Duffy

Face-to-face remains an unknown. No one knows when — let alone if — enforcement will ultimately happen, but the rule has past its implementation date. How should providers prepare?

Product Solutions


As providers try to increase their retail revenue, compression offers an effective way to drive new business across a variety of patient groups. We look at some of the latest products on the market.

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