HME Business March 2013

March 2013


Round Two Reaction

Business Solutions

Round Two Reaction

By David Kopf

CMS's announcement of the Round Two reimbursement rates has left the industry reeling. HMEB talks to various experts to get their insights and perspectives on where HME goes from here.

HME Mergers and Aquisitions

Business Solutions

For Sale by Owner

By David Kopf

Whether due to funding pressures, or simple expansion and competition, HME providers will see an increase in mergers and acquisition activity. What should both buyers and sellers know about the HME M&A market and the acquisition process?


Observation Deck

Is Your Business Bariatric-Ready?

By Ted Raquet

The bariatric marketplace is on the forefront of the minds of doctors, caregivers, facilities, DME providers and manufacturers across the nation. As an HME provider, it is important you are poised toproperly service this market segment and develop your business further.

Editor's Note

Time to Get Inspired

By David Kopf

Don't let CMS's latest move leave you stunned. Now is the time to come out into the lobbying arena and keep swinging so that the industry can KO competitive bidding once and for all.


Business Solutions

Information Technology and HME Mergers and Acquisitions

IT can definitely help providers strategically consider whether it's time to sell, and to increase their business's valuation.

Problem Solvers

Auto Access: Pulling into the Fast Lane

By Cindy Horbrook

Auto access products represent an attractive retail sales avenue in terms of their high-value revenue standpoint. But, there is not a whole lot of middle ground between entry-level and expert offerings. What should providers looking to “supe up” their auto access businesses consider?

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