HME Business March 2012

March 2012



Business Solutions

Marketing Mastery

By Joseph Duffy

With each new industry cut or cap, providers fi nd it harder to keep and create customers. We examine how providers can implement a marketing strategy that will help them keep and create customers in good times and in bad.

Home Access

Products & Technology

Home Access Opportunities

By David Kopf

Providing home access services allows providers ways to drive new revenues that aren’t impacted by CMS’s continual funding cuts, while simultaneously developing expertise that helps them differentiate their businesses. We take a room-by-room look at the various home access service and product opportunities available to them.


Observation Deck

Pre-Payment Problem Solving

By Julie Piriano

While CMS gave the impression the project was limited in scope, since it only encompassed seven states, the reality is it included 43 percent of the power mobility marketplace. What should PMD providers be doing?

Editor's Note:

Reality Checkpoint

By David Kopf

Providers must blast through CMS’s ‘reality distortion field’ when lobbying.


Problem Solvers

Finding a Home in HME

By Joseph Duffy

As Continuous Glucose Monitors gain wider use, are they right for your diabetes business?

Joe Petrolla

What Branding Means

By Joseph Duffy

How Seeley Medical shaped a solid branding strategy — and why you should, too.

Financing Home Access

By David Kopf

Home access upgrades and remodels can be pricey. What are some options?

AHIA’s CEAC Certification

By David Kopf

Ensuring the right expertise and knowledge on staff and in management is critical in home access services.

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