October 2010

October 2010


Diabetic Footcare

Business Solutions

Diabetic Foot Care: Stepping Forward

By David Kopf

With the risk of ulcers resulting in amputation a very real concern for diabetic patients, HME providers are in a unique position to help them, especially as the physician community moves adopts a preventative care mindset. What opportunities lie ahead and how do providers equip themselves to take advantage of them?

HME Software Systems

Products & Technology

Tying it All Together

By David Kopf

HME software systems and services provide not only a safety net that ties various HME business operations together, but also offers a strategic advantage. Our annual software series reviews a variety of key features that help providers keep their businesses running, as well as take them to the next level.


Editor's Note:

Something’s Rotten

By David Kopf

Is CMS overloading HMEs for an NCB win?

Observation Deck

HME Patriots Arise!

By John Shirvinsky


Problem Solvers

Bariatric Baths: An Eye On Design

By David Kopf

Q6 Edge

Product Premiere

A Chair for All Seasons

By David Kopf

The Science and Art of Retail Planograms

Planograms can help HME retailers to improve their sales. Find out why planograms should be part of your retail strategy.

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