January 2010

January 2010

The Big Ten



Products & Technology

Getting a Sound Sleep

By David Kopf

As OSA awareness spreads and providers deal with increasing numbers of CPAP patients, one thing is clear: treatment compliance can be a challenge.We look at why patients fail to comply with CPAP treatment and how providers can help them.

2010 Preview

The Big Ten

By David Kopf

As with our 2009 Big Ten list, we aren’t limiting our choices to only product categories. In addition to product categories, we also have highlighted some key business and regulatory trends and opportunities HME providers will want to monitor and leverage. Likewise, many product categoriesand business trends are interrelated.


Observation Deck

The Buck Stops Where?

By Kelly Riley

CMS continues to place providers in an unfair position with referring physicians.

Editor's Note

Whither Reform?

By David Kopf


Product Solutions


By Laura Swift

A roundup of the latest bariatric products.

Problem Solver

Attracting Elusive Patients

By Joseph Duffy

Urinary incontinence stifles 200 million sufferers worldwide, even though many products exist to help.


The Legal Side of Retail
Learn about the critical legal aspects of retail sales providers must know.

Top 10 Audit Tips
Join our industry expert speaker, Wayne van Halem, to find out how to survive audits and how to win them.

Next Level Retail
Find out how to leverage the web to effectively advance your cash sales strategy.