July 2009


How to Attract and Support Compression Patients

Important considerations for attracting andsupporting compression patients.

How to Prevent Pressure Sores in Mobility Patients

There are multiple ways HME providers can work with physicians and other caregivers to help prevent pressure wounds in mobility patients. Here are some key considerations.

How to Survive the 36-month Oxygen Rental Cap

While the industry might fight legislatively to end the rental cap, what can providers do in the meantime in order to survive?

How to Ensure Safety for Bariatric Patients

There is a crucial bariatric consideration, and that is ensuring safety, which requires a whole new learning curve for providers. Simple activities, such as standing or sitting down, can pose a risk for serious injury for severely obese patients.

How to Proceed if You Miss the Accreditation Deadline

The accreditation process can take between four and six months on average, which puts any provider that is only now considering getting accreditation certification well past the point where they will make the Sept. 30 deadline. What should they do?

How to Successfully Serve Incontinence Patients

Incontinence is a widespread problem in the United States,but despite its size, most patients are still very secretive about theircondition, which makes it difficult for providers to help treat.

How to Match POCs to Patients’ Needs

As providers look for ways to transition to a non-delivery oxygen business model, and patients demand systems that give them more mobility, the demand for portable concentrators is on the rise. However, matching POCs to patient needs is an in-depth process.

How to Integrate a Point of Sale Software System

How can providers best integrate point of sale systems into their existing software systems, as well as their business practices?

How to Match Mattresses to Bariatric Patient Needs

Pair an increasing patient population with the variety of mattress options related to treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers, and the learning curve gets a bit steep. What do providers need to consider?

How to Streamline Stairlift Installs for Home Access

Installing stairlifts can be a fairly straightforward process in terms of actually spinning wrenches and turning screws, but an easy installation depends on careful up-front preparation and assessment. What do providers need to do in orderto streamline stairlift installations?

How to Properly Document Power Mobility Claims

If the documentation is not right, the claim for a very expensive piece of HME can prompt an audit that results in a denial and negates funding for that claim. How can providers ensure they are properly documenting power mobility claims?

How to Start Offering CPMs to Patients

CPMs represent an attractive business for HME providers looking to help post-surgical patients. What do they need to do get started?

How to Streamline the Accreditation Process

The September deadline is nearly here and providers must scramble to ensure that they will be able to finish the accreditation process in time to ensure they will be able to preserve what is most likely the lion’s share of their funding. How can they streamline the process?

How to Lobby Congress to Help Your Industry

If you are an HME provider, you must know how to make an impact on your Senators and Representative.

How to Effectively Market and Retail ADLs

If ever there was an easy entry point into cash sales,ADLs are it. So how should a provider get started?

How to Implement Document Imaging Software

Many providers are considering document imaging systems to save employees volumes of time, ensure accurate record keeping, and protect patient privacy. Here are some items to consider if you wish to implement a document imaging system.

How to Organize a Bath Safety Remodel

Thereis a multiplicity of bath safety offerings available to help them ensure patients of all stripes are able to bathe safely. The key is to get started, and that’s often the hardest part. What should providers consider when remodeling a bathroom to ensure safety?

How to Maximize Vendors’ Enhanced Services

Manufacturers of all types — large and small, single-product category to multi-line — are offering a variety of no-cost or low-cost services to providers to help give them a leg up in these tough times.

How to Get the Most From an MSO or Buying Group

HME buying groups have evolved beyond group purchasing into member service organizations (MSOs), and play a much broader role in the HME industry. How can a provider get the most from its membership?


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Time to Toot Homecare’s Horn

How providers can help the industry tout its successes and pivotal role in reform.

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United We Stand

By David Kopf

The HME industry must stand on common ground to reform oxygen.

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