Respiratory Management May 2009

Respiratory Management May 2009


Tricks of the Trade

By Lunzeta Brackens

Running a successful cash business requires commitment on the provider's end, including proper staff training, quality products, snazzy displays and an inviting storefront. Outlined below are seven rules that industry experts suggest providers follow to set up a respiratory retail business.


Respiratory Solutions

Top 10 Accreditation Survey Tips

By Steve DeGenaro

All of the accrediting bodies suggest an internal self-audit as an excellent means of assessing an organization's level of preparation and readiness for the survey. It is useful to know hot-button items and standards that are frequently cited as being deficient as you perform your own self-audit.

Funding Focus

The Accolades of the ABN

By Kelly Riley

When used correctly, the ABN can protect and enhance your revenue stream.

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Become a Warrior for DME

By Wayne Stanfield

It is hard for this small industry to rally together. We must take a different approach by creating an army of independent warriors for our cause.

Escaping the Warehouse Mentality

By Elisha Bury

In this month's cover story, Jeanne St. Peter, vice president of marketing and managed care at Accurate Medical Equipment, Fort Worth, Texas, talks about her experience making the move to retail.

Provider Perspective

Florida Provider Meets CPAP Compliance Challenges Head On

With Jenene Reid, general manager, Sweetwater Medical West

HME Business Podcast